Mozilla changes Firefox’s default search engine from Google to Yahoo in US

Mozilla and Yahoo have signed a five-year partnership, under which Yahoo will be the default search engine for Mozilla's Firefox browser in the US.

Survey: Verizon is top US carrier in network reliability, speed, and data and call performance

According to the findings of a RootMetrics survey, Verizon is the best US wireless carrier in terms of network reliability, speed, and data and call performance.


Lunchtime Fights at Central California High School finally ends

According to authorities, Lunchtime fights at a Central California high school have finally come to an end on Wednesday. The school has been closed and six students were taken into custody.

Harvard University faces lawsuit over admission policies

Harvard University and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have been sued by a nonprofit advocacy group for limiting the applications from qualified Asian American applications.

Parents and Students against history class review

A suburban Denver school board's majority has voted in favor of change as to how the district reviews parts of its curriculum.


Climate Change wasn’t responsible for Bronze Age population collapse

Until now, climate change was believed to be th

Los Angeles ends Dispute with Owens Valley

Los Angeles has ended a feud over water and dus

Dispute over Owens Lake Dust finally settled

New dust measures would be taken at Owens Lake

Researchers Explore Crater Found in Russia’s Yamal Peninsula

Last year in July, a 260-foot crater suddenly a