Google launches Nexus Player streaming box in UK

Google has revealed in a recent announcement that its Nexus Player streaming box is now available in the UK; priced at £79.

Apple’s streaming-music service redesign being led by Trent Reznor

In a Wednesday report, the New York Times has disclosed that the redesign of the Apple streaming-music service is being led by musician Trent Reznor, the front man and soundtrac


Over 90% of New York City’s Public School Teachers rated as Effective Instructors

On Tuesday, New York's Education Department released a report, which unveiled that more than 90% of state's public school teachers were rated as successful teachers.

L.A. school district Halts iPad Contract

The LA times has reported that the L.A.

Harvard University faces lawsuit over admission policies

Harvard University and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have been sued by a nonprofit advocacy group for limiting the applications from qualified Asian American applications.

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