Hillary Clinton finally apologizes for using private email server

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton on Tuesday admitted that she used a private email account during her tenure as U. S. Secretary of State, and apologized for the same.

Apologizing for the first time for her controversial use a private email account while holding a... read more

Fellow Republican presidential candidates criticize Trump for his ‘Mexican’ comments

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's controversial comments about undocumented Mexican immigrants prompted severe criticism, even from his fellow Republican candidates.

On June 16, Trump described Mexican immigrants as 'drug-runners', 'killers' and 'rapists'. The controversial... read more

Governor Jerry Brown and legislative leaders reach agreement on Budget Deal

With the new agreement made on Tuesday by Gov. Jerry Brown and legislative leaders, California will become the first state to offer Medicaid to children in the nation illegally. Under the agreement, a slight increase will be done in funding for child care and higher education.

At a news... read more

Petition to recall Ferguson Mayor Knowles halted by signatures

According to an official of the St. Louis County Board of Elections, activists who were determined to recall the mayor of Ferguson, Missouri did not get enough support for their attempt.

According to the official, Eric Fey, the activists' petition against Mayor James Knowles did not have... read more

Gov. Walker sees Jeb Bush as front-runner in 2016 Republican presidential race

Despite enjoying high ranking in the recent polls, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker sees former Florida Governor Jeb Bush as the front-runner in the 2016 Republican Presidential nomination.

Neither Mr. Walker nor Mr. Bush has officially announced their decisions to run for the nation's top... read more

Hillary Clinton’s emails released

In another bid to win voter confidence, Hillary Clinton handed over 55,000 pages of Libya-related emails she used throughout her time as secretary to the State Department, amidst significant decline in her favourability rating and concerns about her honesty and trustworthiness.

The state... read more

US House votes will end phone record collection program of National Security Agency

A bill, under which the National Security Agency's mass collection of phone records will be ended, has received large support in the US House. However, main Republican leaders in the Senate were not convinced regarding the requirement of reform.

The USA Freedom Act has been approved by... read more

Hillary Clinton speaks on immigration at event at Rancho High School

During Hillary Clinton's first 2016 campaign stop at Rancho High School Nevada on May 5, she said that she strongly in favor of comprehensive immigration reform, including a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants living in the US.

She said he US needs to fix its broken... read more

Bill Clinton comes forward to defend ‘Clinton Foundation’

The Clinton Foundation, a non-profit foundation established by former President of the United States Bill Clinton, has been target of critics for a long time. Previously, Hillary Rodham Clinton, who is Democratic nominee for 2016 presidential election, was seen defending the foundation. Now,... read more

Christie’s supporters Optimistic that Bridge Scandal Charges will not affect his Presidential Bid

Mixed views have been provided for Governor Chris Christie as he makes efforts to regain momentum in support of an expected presidential bid after the charges were imposed on his three former allies.

It appears that Gov. Christie has been cleared of allegations that he deliberately got... read more

55% of American physicians support Democrats

According to a study, American physicians were found to be in favour of Democrats in the 2014 midterm elections. According to the study, the percentage of doctors favouring Republicans has generally been falling since the mid-1990s; Democrats were supported by 55% of physician donors in the last... read more

President Obama eases Certain Requirements for CIA Drone Programme in Pakistan

US President Barack Obama has eased certain rules for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) drone programme in Pakistan. These rules were meant to reduce the risk of civilian deaths.

The CIA has to reveal that proposed targets can cause threat to the US for drone strikes in nations like... read more


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