Taxpayer funding for abortion services hiked by 40%

California's Medi-Cal department has decided to hike taxpayer funding for abortion services by 40 per cent. The decision surprised many Californians as this increase of 40 per cent contrasts with a 10 per cent cut for every other kind of service that the state's health program reimburses for.

Of the $156.4-billion budget, Californian lawmakers have allocated $438 million for expansion of Medi-Cal program, which is the state's equivalent of the federal government's Medicaid program. The evidence and background of the 40 per cent increase in abortion funding is provided in the following excerpts of the California Department of Health document.

The health document states, "Until greater utilization of the most effective birth control methods (LARCs) occurs, for those women that have disparate access to family planning services . or other circumstances beyond their control, an increase in reimbursement rates for pregnancy termination services is warranted."

The document also states that those sensitive services must be immediately available to the needy women throughout the state. It also stresses that these services must be made available in a very timely manner.

The increase in taxpayer funding for abortion services was pushed by the state's new Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins. Delivering a speech at a recently held "She Shares" women-leadership conference in the state capital, she stressed that much more needed to be done promote tolerance of gays and lesbians in the country, particularly in rural areas. The San Diego Democrat took pride in pointing out that California is more tolerant to gay and lesbian people than many other states of the U. S.

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