SpaceX Chief believes Artificial Intelligence is more Dangerous than Nuclear Weapons

SpaceX chief Elon Musk believes that artificial intelligence poses bigger threat to humanity than nuclear weapons. Musk is holding stakes in artificial intelligence company Vicarious, which is making efforts to create robots with stunning human level capabilities like language skills in multiple languages, vision and motor control. Before Musk invested in the company, he had no idea how dangerous future robot could be for humanity and our planet.

Engineers are working on Unified Algorithmic Architecture in order to provide robots with unprecedented abilities. Musk now fears that these advanced technologies could lead to catastrophic events if wrong people get access to them.

Musk said the sole intention behind investing in the company was not to make money out of it, but to develop a stronger understanding of the technology involved.

Musk said the outcome of developing sophisticated technologies could lead to a result seen in the movie 'Terminator'. Technology has the potential to become more advanced than what people think it is. The advancement of technologies could damage the civilization if used by ill minded people.

Futurologist Ray Kurzweil has also said that Artificial Intelligence will surpass human beings by 2045 because of the practice of implementing powerful digital grey matter to make breakthroughs.

Musk is concerned about the hazards of future technologies despite being directly involved in the machine intelligence business. He said the invention of a working AI system will make robots capable of deciding human beings are surplus to requirements.

Elon Musk