Cliven Bundy speaks on Standoff, a Civil War against Freds

Independent American Party's summit Saturday featured Cliven Bundy, the Nevada rancher to speak on the confrontation of federal government and its armed supporters. He claims it to be a part of an age-old spiritual battle between good and evil.

The Bundy standoff is a 20-year legal dispute between the United States Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and cattle rancher Cliven Bundy in southeastern Nevada over unpaid grazing fees that developed into an armed confrontation between protesters and law enforcement.

He touched on the matters of government overreach and abuse of power surrounding the standoff.

The standoff occurred on April 12 between members of the Bundy family, their supporters and agents of the Bureau of Land Management. Support rally was being held at the Bundy Ranch in Bunkerville that morning in Nevada, during which Clark County Sheriff Douglas Gillespie arrived to tell Bundy and others that the BLM was ceasing its cattle gather.

BLM has still not released 350-400 cattle, which were collected and kept at a temporary site under Intestate 15.

Till that time, the BLM had been overseeing the collection of Bundy's cattle and any others roaming across the 600,000-acre Gold Butte area that had been closed to grazing.

Members of Bundy's family demand the release of their cattle. They rode on the horses to the wash and drove down to the same location were the cattle was held. The Bundy's and supporters in the wash ended up having guns pointed at them by federal agents who ordered them to keep their distance.

The standoff ultimately ended without any shots being fired, the cattle eventually being released, and the BLM leaving the area.

There are a lot of parts to it, the 67-year-old Bundy said. "There's a physical part, there's a spiritual part, there's a legal part, there's a political part. And you know, if you don't understand it, all of these parts, you haven't received the full story".

"I didn't have fear for those who stood," he said. "I had fear for those that didn't stand."

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