Gray seals spotted near Cape Cod

Gray seals had almost vanished from the North American waters but now they are seen near places like Cape Cod. Chatham's merchants and hoteliers also welcome their arrival.

The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy on its website requests the viewers to extend the love for white shark.

The beachgoers have noticed that the great white snare seal and two animals were spanking around the water. The head of the group talked with The Cape Cod Chronicle and told them that by seeing these even children were not scared, and, in fact, they were jumping with excitement and enjoying.

Greg Skomal, a state marine biologist and shark specialist, has put his hard work to mark and track the behemoths for many years in New England. He has also conducted lectures for the vacationers.

According to the International Shark Attack File, since 1837, in Massachusetts there were only three attacks by sharks and one death in 1936. In the same time, there were 687 shark attacks and 11 deaths in Florida.

The creatures were not seen since long time in the New England waters but now they are seen because the gray seal has return in large number. Fishermen kill the seals because they hinder in their fishing operations, due to which the seals were not seen.

The Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972 stopped the killing of seals and its population has increased now.

Dr. Skomal said that people should not be scared by these animals, as they are also very important part of our environment.

"The merchants are capitalizing on the fact that the sharks are here and people come, and this is what they're looking for, the demand is there, so basically the town is supplying it", said Lisa Franz, executive director of the Chatham Chamber of Commerce.

Greg Skomal