Bose Corporation files lawsuit against Beats Electronics

Bose Corporation, a leading provider of audio products across the world, has filed a lawsuit against Beats Electronics over a technology used to filter noise in earphones.

Bose Corporation filed the lawsuit in federal court in Delaware. The lawyers representing the company argued that Bose is trying to protect its valuable patented technology for noise-canceling headphones. They said that they have also filed a complaint with the US International Trade Commission that has the authority to block the import of such headsets into the country that feature patented technology.

Bose is accusing the rival of infringing on five of its patents for technologies that are used to filter out unwanted noise in headphones including preventing other sound waves. The technology is called active noise reduction. Bose has urged the court to order Beats to stop using the patented technology and also pay unspecified damages.

"Beats has designed the infringing noise canceling functionality to be used automatically when a user is listening to music, and Beats instructs users on how to implement noise canceling functionality when a user only desires noise reduction," the lawsuit said.

Beats Electronics is a relatively young firm, which is being acquired by technology giant, Apple in a deal valued at $3 billion.

Bose Corporation