Elon Musk has sued Alameda County over COVID-19 lockdown

Elon Musk has sued Alameda County over COVID-19 lockdown

Tesla founder and technology billionaire Elon Musk has been sharing his radical views about the way governments have been dealing with coronavirus pandemic. Musk has repeatedly ignored the warnings of health experts and was downplaying the risk associated with COVID-19 outbreak. As California announced opening of many businesses and California governor claimed that nearly 70 percent of the economic activity can start in the state after the restrictions have been eased, Musk should have been happy. However, Alameda County, where Tesla Motors has manufacturing facility, has not opened up the way California has planned.

The ruling of Alameda County would supersede the orders of California Governor. And, Musk isn’t happy about this. Musk has sued Alameda County. Musk has also threatened that he would consider moving his Headquarters out of California. Alameda County has not responded to the issue yet.

On Friday, the Alameda County Health Department said Tesla had not been given “the green light” to reopen and said if the company did, it would be out of compliance with the order.

Tesla Motors has filed a lawsuit against Alameda County. Earlier, Tesla media representative had said that they are working with the authorities. However, Musk is not known to mince his words. He has been in conflict with many state agencies and this isn’t anything new for him. Musk announced his decision on Twitter about Tesla filing a lawsuit against Alameda County.

Tesla has a massive backlog of deliveries for its electric vehicles. The shutdown caused by COVID pandemic has caused a major loss to the company which was finally able to manufacture a decent number of electric vehicles to keep up with the demand. We do hope that California authorities will be able to resolve this matter amicably.

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