University Of Cambridge Launches Artificial Intelligence Centre

Presently several researches on artificial intelligence are in progress across the world. Recently the University of Cambridge announced that it will be setting up a £10million New Interdisciplinary Research Centre to explore the challenges and opportunities to humanity.

According to a statement by the University, human-intelligence is familiar in biological welfare. Science and technology are now moving towards a possibly similar future where computers can create similar intelligence.

So far, no one is aware of when human-level artificial intelligence (AI) will be created. But several scientists hope that the time is no far when it will occur and this might happen before the end of this century, they say.

The main aim of the new artificial intelligence center will be to explore the challenges and opportunities of AI development, over both short and long-term.

It is also said that the center will bring together philosophers, social scientists, computer scientists, and other experts that will examine the practical, technical and philosophical questions raised by AI for humankind in the century to come.

According to Professor Stephen Hawking, artificial intelligence will be either the best or the worst thing that would ever happen to humankind.

The Bertrand Russell Professor of Philosophy at Cambridge and Director of the Centre, Huw Price, said, “Machine intelligence will be one of the defining themes of our century, and the challenges of ensuring that we make good use of its opportunities are ones we all face together”.

The Leverhulme Trust awarded the grant to the University of Cambridge under a proposal developed with Dr Seán Ó hÉigeartaigh, Executive Director of the University’s Centre for the Study of Existential Risk (CSER).

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