Study suggests length of your facial hair can determine your worth as a man

Have you ever thought that the length of your facial hair can determine your worth as a man? No? Well, that’s exactly what is suggested by a latest study. According to the study, whiskered men are apparently 27% more likely to be unfaithful in relationships as compared to their clean shaven brethren.

The study has also revealed that fuzzy-faced philanderers are 16% more likely to enjoy a fight than clean shaven men, with 45% of bearded individuals talking about their liking for fisticuffs.

During the study, an alarming 40% of men with facial hair admitted that they have stolen something in the past, as compared to only 17% of upstanding smooth-chinned men.

For the survey, researchers asked a number of questions to 2,000 men and women belonging to the age group of 15 years to 55 years to get an idea about their morality, psychology and general character. Nearly 50% of the survey participants had some form of facial hair, ranging from designer stubble to a bushy beard.

There were just 20% of bare-faced men, who confessed that they have earlier cheated in a relationship, in comparison to 47% of those with beards.

That’s not all as according to the study apparently 65% of women believed that beard was not a good style, look, for the modern man. Besides this, 39% of female respondents claimed that they were worried about finding errant eatables stuff hidden amongst whiskers of men.

About 50% of women interviewed also clearly said that they have never been romantically involved with a man, sporting a full-face beard.

United Kingdom