Canon has developed 250MP sensor for digital cameras

A new 250-megapixel sensor has been recently introduced by Japan-based camera manufacturer Canon. The new sensor – which measures 29.2mm by 20.2mm - has been developed by Canon for use in digital cameras.

Announcing the new sensor, Canon said in a release that the sensor has 250-megapixel 19,580 x 12,600 APS-H CMOS on board. Canon has also claimed that the new sensor has set a world record for resolution in its size.

According to Canon, the new 250-megapixel sensor has the capability to distinguish the lettering on the side of an airplane from a distance of 18 kms. Furthermore, the new sensor has a fast - 1.25 billion pixels per second - signal readout speed; and, despite its pixel count, the sensor has excellent noise performance.

Canon has also revealed that the new sensor can be used for capturing unbelievably high-resolution video, approximately 30 times sharper than 4K video at five frames per second.

With regard to the potential uses of the new 250-megapixel sensor, Canon has noted that the latest sensor technology can be used for specialized surveillance and crime prevention. Moreover, the technology could also be used in instruments that measure ultra-high-resolution, and also in other industrial equipment and the field of visual expression.

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