Having one to two Cups of Coffee linked with Reduced Risk of MCI

There are many studies and opinions on coffee’s impact on health. You will find views of both sides, some say it is good for brain and other research papers will associate the drink with many health problems. A new research is in the favor of this awesome beverage and finds that it keeps people more mentally active.

In the research, 1,445 people were involved. Participants aged between 65 and 84 were interviewed and questions were asked to them about their health and also about their coffee consumption.

After assessing the data, the researchers came to know that by having one or two cups of coffee ever day is linked with reduced risk of mild cognitive impairment (MCI), which is considered a precursor to dementia and Alzheimer's in comparison to those who do not drink coffee.

One of the surprising findings was that the ones who increased their coffee intake over the course were at double-fold risk of developing MCI in comparison to those who had reduced their coffee drinking habit to less than one cup.

Researchers said the risk of MCI was more if people had more coffee, but if it is taken in moderate amount that it can limit the risk of mild cognitive impairment. “Caffeine could in part compensate the cognitive decline in older individuals because its effects on vigilance and attention, mainly in situations of reduced alertness”, said the researchers.