PETA calls on California Coastal Commission to reject SeaWorld Orca Tank Expansion

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is not in favor of plans proposed by SeaWorld San Diego for a major expansion of its killer whale tanks. PETA has even formally urged the California Coastal Commission on Thursday to say no to the SeaWorld Diego as it has the authority to decide the welfare of orcas.

The animals right organization said in a letter of opposition filed with the coastal panel that it is unnecessary to have the habitat enlargement for orcas.

There is no way the $100 million project appears to complete before 2018; it first requires to have the approval of Coastal Commissioners as the area falls in the coastal zone. The review involves a lot of factors to be considered like water quality and noise, which do have a strong impact on coastal resources.

A hearing on the issue was expected to take place in August in San Diego, but it has been postponed until October now when the commission will be meeting in Long Beach. The commission has been inundated by letters sent to it by many who are opposing the Sea World project, said coastal planner Alex Llerandi.

"This item has been postponed because of all the information submitted. "The coastal staff is taking the time to ensure all potential issues and viewpoints are considered in any final recommendations", he said.

PETA has been criticizing the plans of the marine park for a longtime now and has received more than 55,000 comments from those who oppose the plan too.