Pre-Installed ‘Bloatware’ Proves to be the Achilles’ heel for Samsung and Oppo

In a landmark case, the Shanghai Consumer Rights Protection Commission has come to the rescue of Smartphone users. It has dragged to the court two phone makers, Samsung and Oppo, over alleged inclusion of default, unwanted applications onto their Smartphone.

On Wednesday, the Shanghai Intermediate People's Court accepted separate public interest lawsuits against Tianjin Samsung Telecommunications Technology Co Ltd and Guangdong Oppo Mobile Telecommunications Co Ltd. Not only did these phone makers burden their phone models with ‘bloatware’, but also made it almost impossible for the users to get rid of the unwanted apps.

The phone models scrutinized were the Samsung SM-N9008S and Oppo X9007 model. The Samsung handset had 44 apps installed prior to purchase that could not be removed, while the Oppo phone had 71 such non budging programs. The commission studied some 20 Smartphone, wherein it found a host of apps that they claimed stole cellular data. This was because these preinstalled apps either added to the phone’s storage, or utilized the download data without the user’s knowledge.

Applications on the Samsung model included an electronic dictionary and an online shopping program, whereas, the Oppo phone consisted of various games and other programs. All these were pre-installed, without any intimation to users.

The lawsuit requires Samsung and Oppo to refrain from adding such pre-installed apps. However, it at all they do add them, they should oblige their users by informing what apps have been installed and also how they could be removed.

Samsung and Oppo now have 15 days to enter their defence. Following this, the court would announce the trial dates.