Wishing you a Safe Memorial Day; And a few safety tips

Millions of Americans will hit the road this weekend to celebrate Memorial Day with their family and friends. This year, AAA has predicted the highest traffic over the last 10 years on Memorial Day. So, motorists should be well aware of the higher risk of accidents during the weekend.

Local police staff has suggested citizens to follow safe driving rules and to be extra careful at high traffic locations. AAA report suggests that 33 million Americans will drive 50 miles on an average on Memorial Day weekend. In 1971, Memorial Day was recognized as a national holiday. The traffic on Memorial Day weekend has been rising steadily over the years.

As gasoline prices have remained low for the past 10 months, consumers will have more money to spend on leisure activities.

Also, people should be careful about what they eat during the Memorial Day weekend. Most of the times, people eat more of friend stuff resulting in increased intake of calories. Also, food poisoning impacts nearly 48 million Americans each year, according to data released by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. To avoid any incidents of food poisoning, health experts suggest proper grilling of food items and especially meats.

Also, during holidays, please be more careful if you are traveling with kids. Parents should always watch out if the kids are going for swimming. If you plan to go outdoors, it is advisable to be careful about ticks.

Deborah Hersman, National Safety Council president and CEO, said, "We issue these estimates to draw attention to risks on the roadways and encourage drivers to take extra precautions so needless tragedies can be prevented." According to NSC estimates, nearly 41,000 injuries are expected on Memorial Day this year, many of which could lead to hospitalization.

Compared to last year average price of gasoline at $3.65, this year the average price is $2.75. With little extra care, you can avoid any unpleasant situations.

Have a great time with your family and friends during Memorial Day weekend!

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