Elon Musk unveils his big plans for Tesla Battery Segment

Elon Musk announced Tesla Energy will provide batteries for storage of power for home, business and industry usage. The announcement made by Musk on April 30 could lead to a major shift in the way we use batteries for storage of power. Solar power sector could get a massive boost from Tesla Energy’s power storage solutions and Tesla has the power of scale on its side.

Earlier as well, many companies have introduced solutions for storage of solar power using batteries but Tesla could bring a revolution in the industry. With its gigafactory for batteries, Tesla will have a tremendous capacity to meet consumer demands. Additionally, Tesla can get things cheaper which could lead to wider acceptance of the concept.

Elon Musk shared that Tesla Energy will offer Powerwall with 7 kilowatt-hour and 10 kilowatt-hour models. The 10 kilowatt-hour Powerwall will cost $3,500. The price for 7 kilowatt-hour model will be $3,000. The price is for the battery only and does not include inverter.

Tesla Energy offers Powerwall for home usage. For business usage, Tesla will offer Powerpack. The industrial usage power solution will start at 100 kilowatt-hour and scale up to 10 megawatt-hour.

Tesla’s move will also help in shifting from fossil fuels to green energy. Solar panels have become cheaper in the recent years but batteries have remained at almost the same level. If Tesla manages to bring in a major shift in the battery segment, the dependence of U.S. households on fossil fuels could be reduced by improving solar power coverage.

Announcing the battery segment, Musk said, “The obvious problem with solar power is the sun doesn’t shine at night. The issue with existing batteries is that they suck. They’re expensive, large, and unsightly. The 51-by-33.8-by-7-inch Powerwall, on the other hand, looks like a beautiful sculpture.”

A lot of changes are happening in the battery segment as well. Research teams are working on making fast-charging and long last battery packs. Tesla is also engaged in improving battery solutions for its customers. Some companies are also testing vanadium based batteries instead of lithium-ion batteries as they last much longer.

The success of renewable and green energy sector will depend on the cost at which it comes to the end user. If people are able to save on their energy bills by installing solar panels and Powerwall from Tesla, the concept could bring in a revolution in the renewable energy sector.

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