Microsoft buys Surface Pen maker N-Trig

Confirmation has come from Microsoft for its purchase of advanced digital pen technology from stylus manufacturer N-Trig. The company has created the Surface pen and Microsoft’s acquisition is intended to bring more of its hardware production in-house.

There were speculations for the acquisition earlier this year. Microsoft has been making efforts for several years to make the acquisition a reality. Earlier this year, Israeli publication Calcalist said that the company was purchased by Microsoft for more than $200 million. But The Wall Street Journal claimed that only $30milion was paid by Microsoft for the acquisition.

According to the report from Calcalist, N-trig’s employees will be transferred to Microsoft’s office in Israel.

Microsoft said that the digital pen is believed to work well for them. Surface boss Panos Panay told The Wall Street Journal that the company has witnessed a huge rise in the usage, with the stylus on the Surface Pro 3. Microsoft is likely to continue investing in the technology.

Microsoft decided to purchase the company behind the Surface Pen after realizing the digital ink capabilities of Microsoft Edge.

Stevie Bathiche from the Surface team said digital pens will soon become as good as traditional pen and paper in every dimension.