NBC Space Journalist Launches a Book about Neil Armstrong

A book has been launched about Neil Armstrong and his trip to the moon by Jay Barbree, a space journalist for NBC. Barbree has covered the launch of every American astronaut and now he has published a book to provide important details about the life of Neil Armstrong.

Emmy winner Barbree is 80 years old and has covered spaceflight at NBC for 55 years. He started his career at NBC in 1958. In 1962, he got a chance to meet Armstrong for the first time and Armstrong was also interested to write a book about his own flight experiences that time. Barbree supported Armstrong to write the book. However, when Armstrong found after more than 20 years of delays that Barbree had covered every single page spaceflight, he urged him to write the book on his own.

Armstrong attended a party organized by NBC to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Barbree with the network five years ago. Armstrong died two weeks after that party and then, Barbree decied to write a book on his life and started to work on the project. It took him 21 month to complete the book, titled as Neil Armstrong: A Life of Flight. The book has now been officially released.

Armstrong himself has been the primary source for Barbree's book. He has mentioned in the book's introduction that years of personal e-mails, recorded interviews, 51 years of this reporter's notes and files have been a great help to put important details about Armstrong in the book.

Neil Armstrong: A Life of Flight also provides insight into Armstrong's private life. Barbree wrote near the end of the book that Neil was satisfied with the life he lived and had the feeling of contentment for all he achieved in his life.

Neil Armstrong