75,000 People to be given Training to Work in Solar Energy Market

On Friday, the White House announced that the US Division of Power will have to train 75,000 men and women, who will work in the solar energy market by 2020. The plan is a part of ways to combat climate change.

The announcement has come at a time when the solar market in America is booming. Between 2013 and 2014, additional 30,000 jobs have been added to the total workforce. It is said that this year, additional 36,000 solar jobs will be added.

This week, the Obama administration announced a target to curb greenhouse gas emissions across the nation by up to 28% lower than 2005 levels within a decade. The administration has also announced that the solar energy business will be strengthened.

Its workforce will also be increased, as it is an important element to reach the goal of emissions reductions. Last year, the target was announced to train 50,000 solar workers by 2020 and to employ 400 community colleges nationwide to train each instructors and students.

The White House said that as far as that plan is concerned, authorities concerned have trained more than 30,000 students in the final five years. Solar Ready Vets plans to train servicemen and females in works like how to set up solar panels, connect solar projects to the electric power grid.

The education will be provided at 10 military bases across the US. Andrea Luecke, president and executive director of the Solar Foundation, thinks that the announcements will not increase the solar sector and its workforce.

On the other hand, Amit Ronen, director of the George Washington University Solar Institute, said that the plan would help meet the increasing demand for solar industry workers.

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