Headbanging during Concerts could Lead to Potentially Fatal Bleeding in Brain

Headbanging can be dangerous to your brain. German doctors unveiled of treating a Motorhead fan whose head-banging habit has led to brain injury.

The risk to metal fans is quite small, therefore they do not require quitting their habit of head shaking. After attending the Motorhead concert in Paris in January 2013, the 50-year-old man stated suffering from headaches that were getting worse with time.

He met neurosurgeons at Hanover Medical School and complaint to them about constantly worsening headaches. Upon evaluation, neurosurgeons got to know that a small area of bleeding on the right side of man's brain.

The condition is known as chronic subdural haematoma in which blood gathers in the outer membrane of the brain. The condition needed a hole drilled into the man's brain so that the blood can be drained out. The patient got relief from constant headaches.

In the follow-up scan, they noticed a benign cyst, which as per doctors, might have made the fan to be more vulnerable to brain injury. Experts said head-banging has been associated with heath scares.

"Even though there are only a few documented cases of subdural haematomas, the incidence may be higher because the symptoms of this type of brain injury are often clinically silent", said Dr Ariyan Pirayesh Islamian.

Dr. Islamian is one of the doctors, who have treated the man. He said that they are not against the habit of headbanging. They just want to say that if the person would have gone to a classical concert then he would not have to go through this.

Violent shaking of the head can sometimes cause damage. It happens as brain swells against the skull. The care report was published in the journal The Lancet.