Analyst: Apple is exploring augmented reality space

With a wide range of rumors making rounds of late about tech giant Apple seemingly working on several new projects, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster has recently speculated that one of Apple’s rumored-to-be-underway projects pertains to the augmented reality (AR) arena.

According to Munster, the scope of the AR project which Apple is probably working on could quite similar to the scope of Microsoft’s HoloLens technology.

While reporting that the wide world of “augmented reality applications” is seemingly being explored by a team of Apple executives, Munster has revealed that the key focus of Apple’s AR project is to make some kind of a ‘functional and fashionable’ wearable computing device which is also ‘socially acceptable.’

In his recent report about Apple’s supposed AR project-related plans, Munster said that the speculation that Apple is exploring the AR space is based on the information shared by unidentified “industry contacts within the virtual and augmented reality spaces.”

However, while speculation Apple’s purported move in the AR space, Munster has also clearly said in his report: “At this point, we believe it is difficult to determine if or when these (AR) experiments (by Apple) might yield a product.”

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