Walmart to offer raise to half a million of its US Employees

Walmart, the world's largest retail corporation, made announcement that it will offer raise to half a million of employees in the US. According to experts, it is good information for many employees because it is expected that about 500,000 employees' hourly wage will be raised to $9 per hour.

It has been informed that by next year, pay of hourly employees who complete 6 months of training would increase to minimum $10 per hour.

Douglas McMillon, CEO of Walmart, said that raising wages will prove good for both employees and customers. He also said that there is a need that customers should be served properly and associates should love their job and work properly.

It is believed that a better store experience for customers will help increase sales and will also help get higher returns for their shareholders over time. In 2014, an announcement was made by McMillon about plans of the company to boost the hourly wage of its employees.

At that time, hundreds of Walmart workers protested in four cities together with other low-wage retail and fast-food employees. All these employees were asking for full-time jobs and a minimum wage of $15 an hour.

It has been informed that many Walmart full-time employees depend on food stamps and other taxpayer-funded programs. Some Walmart stores have held holiday food drives to help needy and many of recipients who have taken benefit of it were employees as their salaries are not sufficient to fulfill their basic needs.

Walmart enjoys a dominant position in the retail sector due to its low prices and wide range of offerings. It is a place where people can meet all their shopping and pharmaceutical requirements. Walmart is also important because it provides work to over 1.3 million American people and also helps the local economy.

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