Samsung launches Portable 1TB SSD Drive

Samsung has launched a portable SSD drive with one terabyte capacity. The Samsung portable SSD drive is with small form factor and weighs only 30 grams. The SSD drive measures 71x53 mm and is 9 mm thick.

The solid state drive is smaller than a business card in size. Samsung has launched Portable SS T1 in 250GB, 500GB and 1TB variants. Samsung has offered an amazing portable storage option for consumers, powered by 3D V-NAND memory technology.

Samsung T1 series will support data transfer speed up to 450MB per second. Samsung will offer the drive by the end of January in US, European and Asian market, covering 14 countries during the first phase of launch. Samsung SSD will work with both Windows and Mac computers. With dynamic thermal guard feature, Samsung T1 will automatically turn off during extreme temperatures. Samsung offers three year warranty for the SSD.

Samsung has packed a lot in a small size and the company has placed a higher price tag on all the variants. Samsung T1 SSD 250 GB will cost $179.99 while 500GB variant will put you down by $299.99. The top end one terabyte portable SSD will cost $599.99.

In the recent years, SSD market has grown faster due to the data write and read speed. Also, with improved performance, consumers don’t mind shelling out extra money for SSD. However, for internal SSD, the storage capacity has remained in the lower range. With consumers downloading massive files and media, 500 GB plus storage has become a bare minimum for any PC user. Many companies have started offering SSD options for the laptops.

The latest offering from Samsung is impressive. However, many technology experts feel that the higher price tag could be the only constraint for T1 SSD series.