Pew: 58% US adults use Facebook; 52% have two or more social media profiles

In its new study related to the use of social media by Americans, Pew Research Center has revealed that nearly 58 percent of the adults in the US use the Facebook social networking site.

The latest social-media usage study carried out by Pew is based on the 81 percent US adults who use the Internet; and it essentially covers three-fourth of the online adults who have Facebook profiles.

According to the statistics shared in the new Pew report, Facebook recorded hardly any change in its overall usage from 2013 to 2014; though there has been an increase in the usage of active members. In terms of usage, the most noteworthy user-growth witnessed by the social network over the one-year period was among users aged 65 years or older.

The Pew report has revealed that the 65 years+ adults use social media for finding old friends, seeing the pictures of their children, and getting updated on what is happening with their family over the distance.

The study conducted by Pew also revealed that US adults who actively use social media do not use only Facebook as their means of online communication. Nearly 52 percent of the adult social-media users have profiles on two or more social networks; with 23 percent of them using LinkedIn; 22 percent using Pinterest; 21 percent using Instagram; and 19 percent using Twitter.

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