Pope Francis to Lead on Climate Change Issue In 2015

Pope Francis after helping to end one of the earth's last remaining battles of the Cold War is now planning to pay his attention to fight against global warming.

It is learnt that his decision to push for an international treaty on climate change in Paris in December might push away some conservative Catholics who are unconvinced about climate science.

But some hope that Pope Francis' leadership on climate issue is a sign of hope that 2015 could be the year where world nations will pledge to take a collective action against global warming.

It is said that pope's new focus on climate change is a natural result of his concern for the poor, who will have to suffer the most if droughts and storms get worsened in near future.

It has been told that Pope Francis is not the first person who has decided to raise voice on climate change. Both John Paul II and Benedict XVI have also done the same.

In addition, the Vatican's Academy of Sciences issued a report in 2011 that called on all people and nations to be familiar with the serious and potentially irreversible impacts of global warming caused by human activity.

Pope Francis is expected to visit Tacloban. The trip will be followed by a papal encyclical on climate change, which is a letter to the bishops that will formalize the church's position on the issue and guide its ministry at the parish level.

Pope Francis