Long-Nosed Mouse with Elephant Genes Discovered

A long-nosed mouse that sports red fur has been discovered in the ancient volcanic formation lands of Namibia. Discovery of this weird looking creature was done by Doctor Galen Rathburn, who while walking through the desert in Namibia and spotted it. He then brought it to a geneticist to figure out what actually the creature was.

Genetic testing revealed that the DNA of the creature is more akin to much larger mammals. Though it weighs up to an ounce (28 grams) and measures 7.5 inches (19 cm) in length, including its tail i. e. it looks and acts like a shrews evolved in Africa but it actually is more closely related to elephants.

Further it was found out that the creature like an antelope has long, spindly legs relative to its body size. It was observed that it hunkers down next to bushes to sleep rather than burrowing and again like an anteater it uses its extended nose to sweep the ground in search of ants and other insects.

To study these features more biologists plan to return to Africa in the coming months to outfit these new mammals with miniscule radio collars so as to learn more about their habits.

"Genetically, Macroscelides micus is very different from other members of the genus and it's exciting to think that there are still areas of the world where even the mammal fauna is unknown and waiting to be explored", said experts Dr .Jack Dumbacher.

Its official name is macro-skele-dies micas or elephant shrew because even though this small mammal may look like a mouse's cousin but it is actually more closely related to elephants.