Microsoft will unveil Windows 10 Consumer Preview in January 2015

In a recent report, The Verge has revealed that the detailed consumer feature preview of Windows 10 operating system will be unveiled by Microsoft at a press event which will likely be held in late January 2015.

About the projected proceedings at the reported press event in January, The Verge - citing details shared by unidentified sources - has said in the report that several Windows 10 features will be discussed by Microsoft, including its new touch interface called Continuum.

In addition, Microsoft will also apparently share details with regard to its plans for Windows-based smartphones and tablets, and probably dashboard updates for its Xbox One gaming console.

The unveiling of Windows 10 consumer features by Microsoft is believed to be a significant disclosure by Microsoft, which earlier introduced its new Windows 10 operating system at a somewhat low-key event in San Francisco.

More information about the Windows 10 Consumer preview event scheduled for January will be spread by Microsoft towards the end of this year. The new OS has been designed to operate across multiple devices including PCs, tablets, smartphones, and Xbox One; and will boast a number of improvements over the previous Windows versions.

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