McCarthy Visits 15 Megawatt Dominion Bridgeport Fuel Cell Park

It has been reported that FuelCell Energy, Inc., a global fuel cell power company, hosted Gina McCarthy, Administrator of the United States Environmental Protection Agency. McCarthy was invited for a tour of the 15 megawatt Dominion Bridgeport fuel cell park. The company's main aim behind this was to showcase her how affordable is fuel cell solutions support energy policy.

The company in a statement said that distributed fuel cell power generation improves the resiliency of the electric grid with low carbon power production. It also said that the fuel cell project aims at providing support to economic development with domestic manufacturing, property, sales and payroll taxes. It also assured that it will set an example by setting the ultra-clean power plant within a city.

Addressing the public at the Bridgeport fuel cell park, Administrator McCarthy stated that it is high time that the administration should adopt some new methods in order to get a clean energy future. She said innovative solutions such as the Bridgeport fuel cell park are a pathway for American energy security and ingenuity.

Mayor Bill Finch said, "We are home to the Bridgeport fuel cell park, which has fueled green job growth and powers up to 15,000 homes at any given time with virtually pollutant free energy".

John Smatlak, Vice-President of Power Generation Technical Services, said that dominion is pleased to add 15 megawatts of renewable fuel-cell energy in Connecticut to its existing 2,100 megawatts of carbon-free power from Millstone Power Station.

John said that these stations are indulged in generating clean, reliable electricity for Connecticut.

The company officials stated that the latest highly efficient fuel cell park avoids the annual emission of approximately 297 tons of smog producing nitrogen oxide (NOx). It also avoids more than 67,600 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2), compared to the U. S. electric grid.

The project is located in an industrial area of Bridgeport, Connecticut.

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