New California blaze prompts authorities to evacuate over 1,000 people

A new wildfire near Oakhurst in Central California on Sunday forced authorities to issue evacuation orders to more than 1,000 people as the quickly-spreading blaze destroyed many structures while threatening several more.

The fire erupted shortly after 1:30 p. m. near Bass Lake in Madera County, rapidly grew to at least 320 acres, California Department of Forestry & Fire Protection spokesperson Daniel Berlant said in a statement.

At least ten structures got destroyed by the fire while many more were at risk. The area is one of the most popular destinations in the state throughout the year. In addition to many full-time residents, there were a number of renters and tourists in vacation homes before mandatory evacuation orders were passed.

Separately, in the state's Cleveland National Forest, a much bigger blaze continued to grow and engulfed nearly 1,600 acres in Orange County's Silverado Canyon. As many as 250 structures are under risk, and an evacuation order remained in place for nearly 217 homes. The Silverado Fire started at around 11 a. m. last Friday.

Meanwhile, meteorologists have warned that the problem of frequent wildfires will likely continue to trouble Californians and firefighters, as the drought-hit state will remain hot and dry in the next few days.