Slew of Factors to blame for Earth’s rising Temperature

An increase in carbon dioxide level has been raising the earth's temperature since 1999. From the reports, it has been found that the average increase per decade between 1998 and 2012 was about 0.05 degrees centigrade. From 1951-2012, the increase stood at an average of 0.12 degrees centigrade.

Now researchers have considered that the cause could be somewhat down to a 30-year Atlantic current, which cools and heats the world in an alternating pattern. The warmer and salty water from the tropics falls more rapidly under the deep ocean. The salinity of the ocean finally increases to the point where the ice in the Arctic begins to melt, diluting the salt content and averting warmer water from sinking.

It was earlier considered that the Pacific Ocean was responsible for it with the increase in cold water. But now, it is considered that Pacific Ocean is not solely responsible as other natural or human factors should also not be ignored.

One of the researchers on the study, Professor Ka-Kit Tung of the University of Washington, said while speaking to the Guardian that he thinks the Pacific's effect on global temperature is short-term as compared with the long-term effect of the Atlantic.

"We probably may have another 10 years, maybe shorter as global warming itself is melting more ice and ice could flood the North Atlantic, but historically we are in the middle of the cycle", Professor Tung explained.

This search was done by making use of instruments called Argo floats and floats are used to measure the temperature and salinity of the ocean down to 2,000m.

According to Professor Tung, until 2006, initially the salinity deceased but by calculation it has been found that it is still above the long-term average. The planet will begin warming speedily again if once the salinity gets below the long-term average. Adding to it, he said that he believes that the salinity will get below the long-term average in the coming future.