California parents may file lawsuit over health textbook’s controversial content

Raged over controversial content in ninth-grade health textbook, hundreds of parents in California have threatened to take a legal action against the state's education department.

Asfia Ahmed, mother of a ninth-grade student, said she was shocked when she looked at the book 'Your Health Today' for the first time, to find that the health textbook includes references to sexual anatomy, vibrators, bondage, oral sex, masturbation, as well as where to purchase and how to use a condom.

Some pages of the book are devoted to sexual response, including the difference between 'excitement,' 'orgasm,' and 'resolution'.

Criticizing the book, Asfia added, "I feel that it's not age appropriate for these kids. I have read the book from first page to last, and most pages talk about college kids. It doesn't relate to these kids at all."

Asfia also admitted that she had contacted a faith-based parents' rights organization called the Pacific Justice Institute over potential lawsuit to keep students from reading viewing the controversial content.

But, educators, experts as well as some parents believe that the information being provided by the health book is fine and appropriate for children. School Board President Lara Calvert acknowledged that the book contains some advanced information about sex, but stressed that it is imperative for students to learn about sex before it is too late.

The school board approved the controversial book with a 3-2 vote.

Lara Calvert