With Holiday Cheer in the Air, Steer Safe this Memorial-Day

As America gears up to welcome the lovely summer, celebrating the Memorial-Day holiday this weekend, the experts have a piece of advice to make your summer end with good memories. This Memorial Day, make merry with friends and family but eat healthy and ride safe.

Remember, your grills... read more

Wishing you a Safe Memorial Day; And a few safety tips

Millions of Americans will hit the road this weekend to celebrate Memorial Day with their family and friends. This year, AAA has predicted the highest traffic over the last 10 years on Memorial Day. So, motorists should be well aware of the higher risk of accidents during the weekend.

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Bullet Train fares could be a bargain for Californians

The bullet train fare from Los Angeles to San Francisco could be $86, which comes at 20 cents per mile, according to a report published in the Los Angeles Times. The cost Californians will be paying for the fast travel would be the lowest across the world. The state authorities estimate that the... read more

Uber office raided by police in China

According to the Chinese news agency Xinhua, the local office of Uber, an online ride-hailing service, has been raided by authorities in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou as they suspected of ‘unlicensed operation’, seizing a number of mobile phones.

An official with the city's... read more

Shuttle drivers support union for better wages and work conditions

Shuttle drives play an important role in the transport system in San Francisco and they are now asking for better work conditions and a wage hike. The drivers working with Compass Transportation have voted in favor of joining the union. The shuttle drivers working for technology companies... read more

California DMV backtracks on commercial registration of Uber and Lyft vehicles

The Department of Motor Vehicles has backtracked from an earlier decision which required the drivers working with ridesharing services Uber and Lyft to have commercial plates for their vehicles. On January 5, California DMW issued a memo saying that Lyft and Uber drivers were offering commercial... read more

Metro-North Railroad fails to keep Employees, Commuters safe, says NTSB

In a press conference at New York's Grand Central Terminal, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) criticized both the Metro-North Railroad and the federal watchdog group Federal Railroad Administration.

In this context, the board released five reports that gave all the details... read more

Pennsylvania PUC urged to grant temporary permits to Uber, Lyft

On Thursday, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) was urged by local political leaders and state legislators for grant of temporary permits to Uber and Lyft ride-sharing companies.

Temporary permits have been sought for Uber and Lyft so that the two ride-sharing companies can... read more

Lyft launching its car service in several New York boroughs

Close on the heels of Uber's recent announcement that it is slashing the cost of its UberX rides in New York City, rival car service Lyft said in an official statement released on Tuesday that it is launching its service in a number of New York's boroughs.

According to the Lyft statement... read more

California’s ‘Cheaters’ program starts paying off

California Highway Patrol's crackdown on cheaters who are hurting the state's revenue by skirting its registration requirement has finally started paying off.

The traffic authorities of the state launched a program, Californians Help Eliminate All the Evasive Registration Scofflaws (... read more

California ill-prepared to face soaring oil imports risks: Safety Group

California should take additional safety measures to address the potential risks of increased oil transportation by rail as the state is currently ill-prepared for any such risk, the California Interagency Rail Safety Group said.

During a joint hearing of the Senate Natural Resources... read more

Political battle over controversial bullet train project will continue

California's multi-billion bullet train project is perhaps the most controversial infrastructure project in the history of the Golden State.

The project still faces several legal and regulatory challenges, especially in the construction of first 130-mile segment of the railway through... read more


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