NASA Calls off Next Mars Mission for at Least 26 Months

Space enthusiasts who were eagerly waiting for NASA’s next Mars mission got disappointed when the US space agency broke the news that it will not launch its InSight spacecraft to the Red Planet in March due to a leak in the craft’s primary scientific instrument.

On December 22, NASA said... read more

New Horizons records spectacular images of Pluto’s surface using LORRI and MVIC

While flying by Pluto, New Horizons has captured stunning pictures of the icy world’s surface with the help of the LORRI and MVIC cameras. The plasma and dust environments have been recorded by it using the PEPSSI, SWAP and SDC instruments.

However, an instrument developed for measuring... read more

Problem in Seismometer Instrument Delays NASA’s Next Mars Mission

Launch of NASA’s InSight Mars lander has been delayed after engineers with NASA found problem with a seismometer instrument of the lander. NASA officials assured that they will try to find a solution to the problem as soon as possible.

Constant issues with a seismometer instrument have... read more

SpaceX safely lands rocket back on Earth after several failed attempts

After several failed attempts, Elon Musk-led private sector space firm SpaceX has finally managed to successfully land the first stage of Falcon 9 rocket on Earth safely.

A SpaceX commentator announced that Flacon 9 rocket managed to make a safe landing on the landing pad in Cape... read more

Astronauts aboard ISS get a selection of classic Christmas meals to enjoy over the holiday

At present, six astronauts are on board ISS, and orbiting around the Earth at 4.75 miles per second, whereas the world under them is celebrating Christmas. Working on the ISS is an important and risky job, and the astronauts assigned there carry out wide-ranging study into space and microgravity... read more

NASA calls off next Mars mission because of faulty instrument

NASA said the next mission to Mars has been postponed by nearly two years due to a faulty instrument. The delay means that InSight won’t go off next year. It would need to wait for 26 months until favorable Earth-Mars orbital geometry again for a Mars mission launch.

The InSight lander... read more

Gullies on Mars Were Dug By Great Chunks of Ice, Claim French Researchers

Researchers since long have been saying that the gullies on Mars have carved due to water, but now a team of French researchers claims that the gullies on the Red planet are a result of huge chunks of ice.

Findings of the study published in the journal Nature Geosciences admits that... read more

Watch Ceres’ Cratered and Fractured Surface in Photos from Dawn’s Final Orbit

NASA’s Dawn space probe, zooming into its lowest and final orbit at mysterious asteroid belt object Ceres, has beamed back first closest images of the dwarf planet. The photos released by NASA on Tuesday show beautiful view of icy object’s cratered and fractured surface.

NASA said Dawn... read more

Curiosity finds an abundance of rock-forming chemical silica on Red Planet

Over three years after NASA’s robotic detective, Curiosity, started Mars exploration, it has stumbled on some intriguing findings that may help scientists complete the puzzle of how water formed, moved, and eventually either froze or disappeared from Mars.

In the past few months, for the... read more

Peak night of Ursids Meteor shower for US is actually night of December 22nd into 23rd

The information regarding peak night of the Ursids Meteor shower has left everybody a little confused. Some sources, including the American Meteor Society, reported that the night of the 21st into the 22nd will be the peak night.

Basically, the International Meteor Organization is the... read more

Saturday's flyby was Cassini's 22nd visit to Enceladus

According to scientists, gas plume discovered on Enceladus south polar area has stemmed from liquid water trapped within icy surface of moon. They said that it has indicated that Saturn moon’s environment could support life.

As per a statement given to FoxNews, NASA's Cassini probe has... read more

Curiosity finds high concentrations of silica on Mars, suggesting ‘water activity’

American space agency NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity has found higher than expected concentrations of silica, suggesting considerable water activity on the Red Planet.

The Curiosity rover has for some time been exploring the Bagnold Dune Field on the Red Planet’s lower Mount Sharp. While... read more


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