Lucky California man survives shark attack

A Californian young man shared the horrendous incident in which a great white shark attacked him but didn't kill him.

Steven Robles, who regularly goes for swimming off Southern California's some most popular beaches, came head to head with a great white shark when he was an hour into his... read more

SeaWorld marine mammals live longer

According to experts, some marine mammals at SeaWorld have longer life than their counterparts in the wild.

They said that some mammals are living longer in the SeaWorld after analysing five decades of data. The park is facing criticism after a documentary spoke against the practice of... read more

Non-Linear Mirror of Thickness of 400 Nanometre Developed

A non-linear mirror having a thickness of 400 nanometre has been developed. Creation of a team of researchers at the University of Texas Austin in USA and the Technische Universitaet Muenchen in Germany reflects frequency doubled output.

When compared with the best traditional nonlinear... read more

Human Activities causing Troubles for Nesting Birds

Nesting birds, including least terns, American oystercatchers and Wilson's plovers, have been listed as 'species of special concern'. Human activities have been blamed for disrupting their nesting grounds.

Human disturbance has been a big problem for these nesting birds, said Addison, a... read more

‘First Choice Bee Removal’ Providing Services in Arizona As Well

'First Choice Bee Removal' has been making efforts to help people responsibly remove bee infestations from their homes in key areas of Arizona. Bees are facing global threat and many experts feel that they are about to reach extinction. Researchers have not been able to find the precise cause of... read more

Nature Retracts Two Stem Cell Papers

British science journal Nature revealed on Thursday that it has retracted two stem cell papers that claimed to have come up with a new fast, easy, inexpensive and uncontroversial method of producing stem cells.

CNN has said that a skin cell was taken by scientists who coaxed it into... read more

Texas Brings about Regulation for Boaters to Battle Zebra Mussels

Texas has come up with new rules for boaters so as to help the state deal with a trouble-causing shellfish. Texas is now seeking help from boaters to prevent the spread of the zebra mussel.

The fingernail-size zebra mussel was first found in Ukraine and it has now spread to several Texas... read more

Specialized Ligament Structures Keep Giraffes Upright

A highly specialized ligament structure has been identified by researchers that are thought to prevent the legs of giraffes from collapsing under so much weight of these animals.

It is something that had puzzled scientists for many years but they have found the answer now.

"... read more

Newly Created Tiny Bio-Bots Run on Muscle Cells

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have created small bio-bots powered by muscle cells and are controlled with electrical pulses.

When a current is passed to their bio-based muscular genes, the robots gain movement and can walk across a surface and even through... read more

Life Expectancy of Mammals at SeaWorld Parks Calculated

Animal rights activists have largely criticized the SeaWorld's treatment towards killer whales after the --- of the documentary "Blackfish".

"Blackfish" was released last year and was based on the incident where a killer whale named Tilikum killed veteran SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau... read more

The Time-Line of Human Evolution Revised By Researchers

Scientists are reconsidering the true evolutionary factors that enabled the evolution of unique human characteristics from genus Homo between 2.4 and 1.8 million years ago in Africa.

Earlier it was believed that traits like large brain, long legs, the ability to craft tools and prolonged... read more

“Goldilocks” planet were due to cosmic illusion, says new study

A recent study is a complete add-on to four-year-old findings of a pair of potentially life-friendly alien worlds by the astronomers. This new study suggests that the previous findings are merely cosmic illusion created by the star's intense magnetic activity.

The findings of the new... read more


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