Mexican cavefish conserve Energy by eliminating Circadian Rhythm

A new study has found that blind cave fish or Mexican tetra use about 30% less energy than other surface fish. The fish is capable of using less amount of energy by deactivating its circadian rhythm.

The Lund University in Sweden researchers have studied the fish and observed that the... read more

Increase in level of GABA in Supplementary Motor Area can help Suppress Tics

In a latest report, scientists have revealed that a particular brain chemical can help people suffering with the Tourette syndrome to suppress their tics. Findings mentioned in the report can pave the way to new therapies for the developmental neurological disorder.

Tourette syndrome is... read more

Planck Team studies BICEP2 Gravitational Waves

Researchers had started working with BICEP2, a special microwave telescope based at the South Pole, in March. After about six months, they claimed that have noticed early universe gravitational waves, created just after the Big Bang. Now, some other researchers have raised doubts about the... read more

Multitasking with mobile phones, laptops may trigger emotional problems

Many technology-savvy individuals engage in multitasking with mobile phones, laptops, TV, and tablets. Researchers at the University of Sussex have found that this may cause brain damage and trigger depression and emotional problems as well. This damage is caused due to 'second screening'.

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Group Walks Can Help Lower Depression and Stress: Study

A latest study conducted by researchers from the University of Michigan has revealed that group nature walks help to lower depression, stress and enhance one's mental health and well-being.

Researchers said individuals who had recently gone through a stressful phase like serious illness,... read more

Pregnant Women who are informed about prenatal testing more likely to skip them

A new study on pregnant women has revealed that the women who are shown interactive computer program to educate them about prenatal testing are more likely to skip non-invasive blood tests and ultrasounds.

There are certain tests that can be taken up during pregnancy like a simple blood... read more

No Direct Link found between Tattoo Ink and Cancer: Research

A group of German researchers conducted a study to know whether tattoo ink was to be blamed for skin cancer detected in a 48-year-old man. Though the research team has not found any direct link between tattoo's ink and skin cancer, researchers have warned the connection is possible.

They... read more

MIT researchers developing skintight spacesuit for NASA astronauts

Future NASA astronauts will wear new skintight spacesuits being developed by MIT researchers that will offer them more comfort and choice in mobility.

While the conventional bulkiness of existing space suits prove quite burdensome for astronauts and decrease their mobility in space, the... read more

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder causes Food Addiction

A new study has suggested that women with the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are about thrice as likely as those without PTSD to become addicted to food.

The study has not shown a direct connection between the disorder and women becoming addictive to food.

The... read more

Modern Europeans’ DNA is Mixture of three populations: Study

In order to know more about the ancestral roots of modern Europeans, scientists analyzed the strands of DNA taken from ancient corpses. The findings showed that the first Homo sapiens arrived in Europe almost 45,000 years ago, and were later replaced by early farmers who brought agriculture to... read more

Baldness linked to Increased Risk of Developing Prostate Cancer

According to a new research report, male pattern baldness may be an indicator of an aggressive form of prostate cancer. For now, the study has just established an association between the two as per which, men who have pattern baldness also have more chances to be diagnosed with the cancer.

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New Research Reveals Schizophrenia as a Group of Eight Separate Disorders

A new study has revealed that schizophrenia is not a single genetic disease, but in fact a class of diseases with variable symptoms. Schizophrenia is severe mental disorder that causes debilitating symptoms, including paranoid delusions, auditory hallucinations, and impaired social behavior.... read more


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