Pee-Power used to generate electricity in socks sans additional power

Urine’s novel use has been found and that is powering a device. A pair of socks has been developed by a team of researchers from University of the West England in Bristol, UK, in which when one walks in forces urine to circulate through integrated tubes towards microbial fuels cells (MFCs)... read more

Early Alzheimer’s Patients have reason to raise a toast: Few drinks a day associated with reduced risk of death

People with early Alzheimer’s Disease have a new reason to raise a toast, say researchers, who have found that moderate drinking reduces risk of death in these people. The research paper published in the journal BMJ Open has unveiled that moderate drinking can actually help people at early stage... read more

Chipotle Co-CEO issues First Apology on TV for Food Crisis

In an attempt to improve the public image of the restaurant chain, Steve Ells, the co- Chief Executive Officer and founder of Chipotle Mexican Grill, has issued the first apology on television to patrons who were sickened after eating at the company’s restaurants in different states.

In... read more

Happiness and Longevity Have No Link, Finds Study

A new study has solved the long held belief that happiness is strongly linked to longevity. The team that presented their findings in The Lancet studied almost 700,000 women in Britain.

Although being unhappy or depressed might make you take less care of your health, according to the... read more

Researchers find New Whale Species buried in Smithsonian

A newly identified species of whale has been named after Herman Melville's Moby-Dick. The sperm whale got a revision, but its discovery is about 90-year-old old. Researchers speculate that the whale was actually a beast. They were big, but there family tree was small as only three living species... read more

Heart-Shaped Region on Pluto Is Covered With Pits

The dwarf planet Pluto has kept on puzzling scientists, although New Horizons keeps on gathering data about the tiny planet but it does not mean that it’s every mystery is unfolded. Recently images sent by the craft shocked scientists when they saw that the heart-shaped region on Pluto is... read more

Astronomers Find Tiny Star with Gigantic, Cloudy Storm

A team of astronomers recently discovered a small star which has huge storm. The storm is as big as Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, said researchers who detected the tiny star using NASA’s Spitzer and Kepler space telescopes.

John Gizis of the University of Delaware, Newark, said the star they... read more

Study links Pineapple Pesticide Found in Hawaii Milk to Parkinson's disease

A new study published in journal Neuron has linked a pineapple pesticide to Parkinson's disease in men. The pesticide in milk could affect men’s brains and contribute to the disorder, according to the study.

The study has made its place in a long list of studies that have linked various... read more

US Life Expectancy Stalled For Third Year in Row

According to a new report by the Centers for disease control and Prevention (CDC), life expectancy has remained same for three straight years. The announcement was made on Wednesday.

The 2014 mortality report by the CDC showed that infant mortality in the United States was at a historic... read more

US Researchers Create World’s First Litter of Puppies through IVF

For the first time in world, a team of veterinarians, scientists and lab workers have successfully bred a litter of puppies using in vitro fertilization (IVF). The team gathered around a surrogate hound and watched her giving birth to seven half-pound puppies.

Dr. Alexander Travis, who... read more

Concentrating on Visual Task Makes You Deaf Momentarily

Researchers through a recently conducted study have found that continuous attention on visuals can make you “dead” for small time. So next time when you call your friend while he/she is concentrating on their mobile device, you need to tap them again because they might have not heard you.

read more
Researchers Develop Camera That Uses Photon ‘Echoes’ To Detect Objects

Researchers developed a unique ultra fast camera that has the potential to detect moving objects around corners. It can even find things that are kept hidden from its view. Its makers believe that it can be used in search and rescue operations.

The team that presented its findings in... read more


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