Video: New Caledonian Crow making Own Hook-Shaped Tools for Foraging

Not only humans are born with engineering skills, you will be surprised to know that crows too have engineering skills. Latest video released shows how New Caledonian crows actually make their own hook-shaped tools for foraging. From past one decade, the South Pacific island-dwelling crows are... read more

UCLA engineers create super-strong, lightweight metal

Engineers at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) are hopeful that a super-strong, lightweight material created by them will revolutionize the automotive and airline industries.

The team created the new metal by using a blend of ceramic silicon carbide nanoparticles and... read more

Online tool to allow public and policymakers to explore financial burden that scores of costly drugs place on Medicare program

On Monday, Federal health officials came up with an online tool using which public and policymakers will be able to explore the financial burden the Medicare program and the seniors of the nation face because of scores of highly expense drugs

The ‘dashboard’ is quite interactive as it... read more

New model: Flu season will likely peak in February in US and could be a mild one

As per a new model, aiming to predict the flu in the United States this winter, in February, this flu season will probably be at peak and may be a mild one.

The model has used data from previous flu seasons and also from a mathematical representation of how influenza spreads in a... read more

Gullies on Mars Were Dug By Great Chunks of Ice, Claim French Researchers

Researchers since long have been saying that the gullies on Mars have carved due to water, but now a team of French researchers claims that the gullies on the Red planet are a result of huge chunks of ice.

Findings of the study published in the journal Nature Geosciences admits that... read more

Research Links Kangaroo Care with Reduction in Infant Mortality

Scientists through a newly conducted research suggested that the survival rate of newborn and underweight babies can be reduced if they are given ‘kangaroo care’. Babies given ‘kangaroo care’ are nestled directly against their mother’s breasts.

As per experts, this type of infant are... read more

Middle-aged women with gum disease have slightly higher risk of developing breast cancer than those without gum problems

A latest study has suggested that middle-aged women with gum disease have a little more chances of developing breast cancer in comparison to the ones without gum problems. Reuters wrote that women with gum disease, who smoked cigarettes or had quit the habit in the last 2 decades, were more... read more

US Air Force Planes Soon To Have Star War Type Laser Guns

US Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) to soon equip the US Air Force planes with star war type laser guns. AFRL said it will be demonstrating the technology by as early as 2020.

Presently, the larger aircrafts are able to carry laser weapons fit for their size. But developing effective... read more

A computer can tell you how memorable your photos are

A computer can tell you how memorable your photos are. MIT scientists have created an algorithm that can foretell how forgettable or memorable a picture is nearly as exactly as human beings.

In a press release, Aditya Khosla, the lead author on a related paper, said, “Understanding... read more

Scientists discover evidence for the first ‘grinding’ tool associated with non-humans

Humans are not the only animals that can use tools. Now, scientists and researchers have found proof for the first ‘grinding’ tool linked to a non-human. The animal that uses it is quite unexpected, its wild parrots.

Wild parrots use pebbles for grinding supplements out of shells, and... read more

Study links Smoking, Secondhand Smoke to Early Menopause, Increased risk of Infertility

Smoking is capable of causing more than lung damage. Active and passive smoking may raise risk of infertility and trigger early menopause in women, according to a new study.

Andrew Hyland, an author of the study and chair of health behavior at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, said... read more

Watching Horror Movies Is Linked With an Increase in Clotting Protein, Factor VIII

A newly conducted study has shown that watching g a horror movie is linked with an increase in a particular type of blood-clotting protein, called Factor VIII. The findings of the study were presented in The British Medical Journal Christmas issue.

Dr. Banne Nemeth and colleagues said the... read more


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