1 in 3 American Adults Owns a Gun, claims Survey

A new survey has found that one in three Americans possesses a gun. What is worse is that the ‘social gun culture’ is prevalent among the hunters and gun club members across the country.

In the survey published online on June 29 in the journal Injury Prevention, researchers surveyed 4,000... read more

California Senate Clears Compulsory Vaccination Bill SB277

Monday saw the California Senate pass the controversial compulsory vaccination bill that requires almost all Californian schoolchildren to receive mandatory vaccination. Now, it is Governor Jerry Brown’s time to take a call on the same.

The bill SB277 was introduced by Democratic Sens.... read more

Facebook in the Dock, Faces Privacy Lawsuit by Belgian DPA

In a move that is sure to unsettle Facebook, is the Belgian Data Protection Authority’s civil suit against its tracking of non-users via social plugins. The social networking giant landed in the dock after the watchdog accused it of a host of privacy violations.

The civil suit came after... read more

Manitoba is all set to tighten regulations on E-cigarettes as the Healthy Living Minister is going to announce a bill in legislature on Monday to put a cap on the use of E-cigarettes in the province.

Deanne Crothers told the All News Drive that the bill proposes the much needed... read more

Have you ever seen the labels of your facial cleansers or cosmetic powders and wondered what is the purpose of polyethylene or polypropylene in them? Well, this means the product contains ‘Microbeads’, the tiny plastic beads that give your face the smoother tone you have always yearned for.... read more

Tech Giants Press President Obama to Impose Encryption

The technology industry striving hard to shield its data encryption solutions and products, has now knock at President Obama’s doorstep.

A total of 140 tech firms, including Apple and Google, led by New America's Open Technology Institute, have penned a letter to the White House on... read more

Emails Prove FBI’s Cynicism over License Plate Readers

The recent revelation made by The Associated Press, based on emails obtained by them, bring to the fore the fact, that even the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was skeptical of the privacy concerns pertaining to the license-plate reader technology deployed by it, for its investigations.... read more

Arizona’s Medical Insurance Stands Enfeebled by Lawmakers

Insuring the rich while depriving the poor could be termed as the present scenario in Arizona. The recent attempts by Arizona’s Legislature to overturn Medicaid benefits available to its citizens, brought out the Janus-faced approach of the government.

It is rather disquieting that a... read more

Elton John Comes Out in Support of HIV/AIDS

A global-health fund that attempts to fight poverty and diseases like HIV/AIDS and malaria has found support from music legend Elton John.

The President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, or PEPFAR in short, launched by President George W. Bush, has been in the news recently. Sir John... read more

House Judiciary Committee passes measure to curb Widespread Government Surveillance

The House Judiciary Committee on Thursday brought into picture a measure to improve the controversial USA Patriot Act to curb widespread government surveillance. Bipartisan reform is taking shape on Capitol Hill nearly two years after documents on a massive government surveillance program were... read more

Sheriff fires 6, suspends 29 over treatment of mentally ill prisoner

On Friday, Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia fired six jailers and suspended 29 others a year and a half after a mentally ill prisoner was found festering in squalor in a Harris County jail cell. It appeared that the prisoner was in such condition in the cell for weeks. This decision taken by... read more

Governor Brown issues 105 pardons on Christmas Eve, retracts 1

California: Governor Jerry Brown issued 105 pardons, mostly for nonviolent drug offenses, on the eve of Christmas. Most of the people who have been pardoned by the governor have been convicted of nonviolent drug crimes or burglary more than a decade ago.

One of the pardons is a Stanislaus... read more


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