Colorado’s First Successful Bionic Eye Transplant helped Woman Regain her Lost Vision

Till now, bionic eye transplant was just like a dream for many scientists, but has now been successful for the first time ever at CU vision center. On December 10, a Colorado woman received Colorado's first bionic eye transplant at the Eye and Vision Care Center of the University of Colorado.... read more

UPS and Fedex Witness Delivery Delays After Black Friday

After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, shipping majors UPS and Fedex have been trying hard to deliver the goods to customers in time. During Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the online shopping platforms have registered strong sales and shipping service providers have to deal with the additional... read more

Study links Pineapple Pesticide Found in Hawaii Milk to Parkinson's disease

A new study published in journal Neuron has linked a pineapple pesticide to Parkinson's disease in men. The pesticide in milk could affect men’s brains and contribute to the disorder, according to the study.

The study has made its place in a long list of studies that have linked various... read more

US Life Expectancy Stalled For Third Year in Row

According to a new report by the Centers for disease control and Prevention (CDC), life expectancy has remained same for three straight years. The announcement was made on Wednesday.

The 2014 mortality report by the CDC showed that infant mortality in the United States was at a historic... read more

US Researchers Create World’s First Litter of Puppies through IVF

For the first time in world, a team of veterinarians, scientists and lab workers have successfully bred a litter of puppies using in vitro fertilization (IVF). The team gathered around a surrogate hound and watched her giving birth to seven half-pound puppies.

Dr. Alexander Travis, who... read more

Researchers Develop Camera That Uses Photon ‘Echoes’ To Detect Objects

Researchers developed a unique ultra fast camera that has the potential to detect moving objects around corners. It can even find things that are kept hidden from its view. Its makers believe that it can be used in search and rescue operations.

The team that presented its findings in... read more

1B--Alzheimer’s disease: Negative Stereotypes about Aging may increase Risk of Disease

Two new studies suggest that people who believe that older people are unhappier, absent-minded and less sharp than others could develop Alzheimer’s disease. The studies have been published in journal Psychology and Aging.

According to the studies, people with negative stereotypes about... read more

Tropical Race 4 Virus Infects Cavendish Bananas in Asia and Australia

Researchers have found that a virus similar to that of Panama Disease virus has attacked the Cavendish bananas in Asia and Australia. Panama Disease has been blamed for wiping out Gros Michel banana species.

The virus that has hit banana plantations in Asia and Australia is the Tropical... read more

AIDS Resource Alliance: There are 35,033 documented HIV cases in Pennsylvania

People with HIV, who live in a simple warm house that has a welcoming front porch, have got a helping hand in Centre County. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has estimated that in the world, there are 36.9 million people, who have HIV, the virus that leads to AIDS. Among all... read more

Findings effectively disprove false belief that brain could be construed as male or female

Researchers have found that the human brain shows no visible orientation toward a specific sex-physiological. Human brain is neither male nor female. Actually, every brain exhibits simultaneous male-like and female-like features, which are changeable, having no identifiable features, attributing... read more

Neuroscientists discover early signs of Alzheimer's Disease at synaptic level

At an early stage of Alzheimer’s disease, researchers from the University of New South Wales have found important information about how the connections between brain cells suffer. The research team led by Dr Vladimir Sytnyk, of the UNSW School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences has found... read more

Study supports link between dinosaurs and birds and the possibility of warm blooded dinosaurs

A researcher at the University of Calgary conducted a study into dinosaur egg porosity, providing further proof that supports the relation between dinosaurs and birds and the likelihood of warm blooded dinosaurs.

Kohei Tanaka’s research has indicated that the development of nesting... read more


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