Oldest Jesus Lizard Fossil Spotted in Wyoming

In a landmark discovery, museum curator Christian Sidor has found an ancestor of the present-day Jesus Lizard. The fossil was spotted by him in the Bridger Formation, which a section of the Rocky Mountains that runs through Wyoming.

In the study published in the journal PLOS ONE,... read more

Alberta Launches ‘Don't Let It Loose’ Campaign to Curb Giant Goldfish Menace

The innocent little creature swimming around in your aquariums is seldom viewed as a potential threat. However, the Alberta wildlife experts have raised an alarm after discovering several specimens of giant goldfish as big as 20 centimeters in different areas of the province.

Kate Wilson... read more

Scientists Undertake DNA Mapping to Crackdown on Illegal Ivory Trade in Africa

In a bid to piece together the puzzle of origin of ivory, which is subjected to illegal international trade, scientists from the University of Washington have conducted DNA mapping, wherein they have matched DNA from elephant dung with DNA extracted from ivory.

Scientists from the... read more

Over One-Third of the World's Biggest Groundwater basins are under distress, show NASA’s Grace Satellites

The latest piece of information relayed by the NASA’s Grace Satellite Mission has confirmed that the groundwater basins around the world are running out of water. The study was published online in Water Resources Research, a journal of the American Geophysical Union, this Tuesday.

The... read more

According to a recent report, the City of Ottawa, which is Canada’s southeastern capital, has been sterilizing goose eggs and employing a remote-controlled drone to contain the growing geese population and drive the animals away from the beaches, respectively.

Ottawa received the... read more

Michigan Court Accepts Wildlife Officials’ Appeal, bans Invasive Pig Breeds

The Russian boars and similar pig breeds have been banned by the Michigan’s appeals court on Wednesday following a plea from wildlife officials against an injunction ordered last year by a Marquette County judge that prevented officials from containing these invasive species.

In a 3-0... read more

Carcass of Gray Whale found Washed Up on Portuguese Beach

Another carcass of a gray whale was found on beach in the Bay area over the weekend. The washed up whale has increased the total for the dead whale discovered in the past five weeks to seven. Reports have showed that the 28-foot whale came to waters of Sonoma County's Portuguese beach.

... read more

Bamboo Persists in Panda Gut, claims Study

Giant Pandas face an evolutionary dilemma!

In a study published online on May 19, in the journal mBio, researchers reveal that the gut bacteria of giant pandas have not evolved to effectively digest bamboo, which forms their primary food source.

Today, giant pandas spend almost 14... read more

Australian Town Gets Drenched in Spider Showers!

‘Some people feel the rain, others just get wet’

But the rain showers that this Australian rural town, Goulburn experienced were noticed by all and endured by everyone.

The residents of Goulburn woke up an early April morning, witnessing their nightmare come alive with millions of... read more

Trap-Jaw Ants’ Mandibles are Fastest-Moving Predatory Appendages on Earth

Trap-jaw ants’ mandibles are the fastest-moving predatory appendages on earth. The ant is quite famous for killing its prey in a matter of few seconds.

A novel research has found a new use of these mandibles, which is an escaping tool. It uses them to move way when a predator is nearby.... read more

California Drought Calls for Water-Rationing in San Jose

In wake of the ongoing drought in California, the San Jose Water Company has brought in mandatory usage limits to contain the superfluous water usage by its residents and businesses.

The plan was made public on Monday, May 11, wherein every business house and resident would be given a... read more

Waterways found under Antarctica's Dry Valleys

According to a new study, Antarctica's Dry Valleys are the driest places on Earth, but under their icy soils there is a huge and ancient network of salty, liquid water, with life. The Dry Valleys are nearly completely ice-free, apart from a few isolated glaciers. A few small lakes only contain... read more


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