Rare flower that smells like rotting flesh blooming in Mount Lofty Botanic Garden near Adelaide

People in huge numbers gathered in the Mount Lofty Botanic Garden near Adelaide to get a glimpse of an uncommon flower that smells like rotting flesh and is nearly 2 metres tall.

Commonly known as the corpse flower, the Amorphophallus titanium has started opening in the garden's... read more

Aerial Imaging allows In-depth Individual Tree-level Analysis in California

Researchers use satellite data and laser-imaging technology to demonstrate the dramatic effects of ongoing drought in California. More than 888 million Californian trees have faced devastating impacts of drought--related water losses since 2011, according to a study published in Proceedings of... read more

12 Feet Long Rare Giant Squid Spotted on Japanese Harbor on Christmas Eve

People in Japan got a surprising Christmas present when a giant squid made rare up-close appearance in Toyama Bay. Also known as an Architeuthis squid, it swam beneath boats for a long time before heading back to sea.

People who were treated to the rate sighting of the creature captured... read more

Giant squid makes rare appearance off Japan

Fishermen and other spectators on a pier in Toyama Bay in central Japan were recently treated to a rare sighting of a giant squid, which is known to be one of least seen deep sea creatures in the world.

On Christmas Eve, a giant squid swam under fishing boats, very close to the surface of... read more

Fungal disease kills hundreds of thousands of Ohia trees in Hawaii

A fungal disease called Rapid Ohia Death (ROD) have killed hundreds of thousands of Hawaii’s iconic and native Ohia trees, which flora experts say are vital to the water supplies.

The Hawaii Department of Land & Natural Resources (DLNR) has warned that ROD, which is caused by a fungus... read more

Latest Video Confirms New Caledonian Crows as Toolmakers

Something never seen before video has been captured by two University of Exeter behavioral ecologists in the United Kingdom. From past one decade, the South Pacific island-dwelling crows are known for their shrewd tool-use. The latest video shows how New Caledonian crows actually make their own... read more

Galveston whale re-buried after necropsy

After a seven-hour necropsy, the heavy remains of a 44-foot whale were buried again in a deep beach trench on a warm Galveston Island afternoon earlier this week, authorities confirmed.

The burial was conducted on the shoreline in the Terramar Beach subdivision, where the huge marine... read more

Massive Landslide at Oso Site Took Place 500 Years Ago

On analyzing the woody debris of the huge Rowan Landslide and using radioactive dating technique, geologists at the University of Washington have found that the massive nearby slide happened around 500 years ago. Researchers managed to unearth samples of wood buried in the Rowan landslide, just... read more

Japan launches Fourth Ship for Whaling in Antarctic

Japan’s recent whaling activities have shown the East Asian country is not going to stop killing whales. The country has already sailed ships for hunt, which could span until March next year. Earlier, the country sent its fourth whaler to join the fleet.

Many times, the International... read more

Tropical Race 4 Virus Infects Cavendish Bananas in Asia and Australia

Researchers have found that a virus similar to that of Panama Disease virus has attacked the Cavendish bananas in Asia and Australia. Panama Disease has been blamed for wiping out Gros Michel banana species.

The virus that has hit banana plantations in Asia and Australia is the Tropical... read more

Google Maps to highlight Effects of Climate Change on Wildlife in Remote Locations

In an effort to reveal impact of climate change, mapping service Google Maps showed remote areas where the change in the statistical distribution of weather patterns has affected wildlife drastically. These views have been provided online by Google Maps.

Karin Tuxen-Bettman, outreach... read more

California Supreme Court rejects environmental impact report for proposed Newhall Ranch development

On Monday, the California Supreme Court declined the environmental impact report for the planned Newhall Ranch development. The court has declared that it understated the impact of the greenhouse gas emissions from the project and didn’t protect a dying out species of fish properly.

The... read more


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