Lawmakers may vote on $11 billion water bond this week

California lawmakers are expected vote on so-called water bond plan as early as this week as the state's Democratic-controlled legislature has until June 26 to substitute its own plan for the Schwarzenegger plan, though the cut-off date can be extended.

The proposed water bond plan would... read more

Supreme Court Justice Marvin Baxter to retire in January

California Supreme Court Justice Marvin R. Baxter, who is considered as one of the court's most conservative justices, confirmed on Wednesday that he would retire in January 2015.

The planned retirement of 74-year-old Baxter will follow Justice Joyce L. Kennard's exit in April. Baxter's... read more

Bill aiming to expand teacher tenure stalled in California Legislature

A bill that aims to expand job tenure protections beyond public school teachers to other employees stalled in California Legislature on Wednesday amid concerns about a recent court ruling that declared fixed job tenure as `unconstitutional'.

Last week, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge... read more

Lawmakers reject sugary drink warnings bill

California lawmakers on Tuesday rejected a bill that would have made it mandatory for beverage companies to label their sodas and other sugary drinks with health warnings.

Lawmakers rejected Sen. Bill Monning's SB1000 bill by 7-8 as they doubted a label would change consumer behavior.... read more

Petition-proponent disclosure requirement is unconstitutional: Appeals Court

The election law that requires ballot initiative sponsors to disclose their identities on the petitions they circulate for signatures is unconstitutional, a California appeals court ruled on Monday.

Overturning the California election law, a divided federal appeals court panel declared... read more

Court directs health insurer to cover residential anorexia care

An appeals court in Los Angeles, California, recently pronounced a ruling that would make health insurers to pay for more residential mental health care.

A three-judge panel at the L. A. appeals court ruled in favor of Marissa Rea and other people who are suffering from anorexia nervosa,... read more

Pomscores victory over Coca-Cola in ‘false advertising’ legal dispute

Juice maker Pom Wonderful scored a major victory over cold drinks giant Coca-Cola in a long-running advertising dispute on Thursday, when a jury at the U. S. Supreme Court voted 8-0 in favor of the juice maker.

In 2007, Coca-Cola launched a new product called "pomegranate blueberry" juice... read more

California court’s fix tenure ruling can prompt sweeping change across US’ education system

A California court's recent ruling that teachers' fix tenure and other job protection laws are "unconstitutional" could eventually prompt a sweeping change across the US public education system.

Earlier this week, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Rolf Treu agreed students constitutional... read more

Number of teens entering US illegally on the rise

The number of migrant teens who are entering the U. S. illegally from Central America is on the rise and authorities believe that shelters set up for these teens could soon become packed to their capacities.

The Building 267, avast facility at Naval Base Ventura County in Southern... read more

Red light camera images are evidence: rules California’s top court

California's apex court on Thursday upheld the admissibility of photos captured by red light cameras as evidence of traffic violations in the state.

The California Supreme Court's ruling in the case, known as People of California vs. Goldsmith, apparently put an end to a years old legal... read more

Apex court’s ruling highlights police’s accountability to the public

The California Supreme Court's recent ruling that police agencies must let the public know the identities of officers involved in on-duty shootings has once again highlighted need and importance of police's accountability to the public.

In the ruling, the apex court declared that the... read more

Prisoners aren’t getting adequate mental health care: report

California state prisoners do not have access to adequate mental health care even as around a third of the adult prisoners in the state are suffering from some kind of mental illness.

According to a fresh report filed in a federal court by special master Matthew Lopes, many patients, who... read more


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