Tobacco bills reintroduced for California’s special session

California Democratic lawmakers on Thursday reintroduced a package of tobacco regulation bills that stalled in the state Legislature earlier this month.

Reintroducing the package, the lawmakers announced that six tobacco-related bills should be considered during the Legislature's special... read more

California allegedly on the way to medical tyranny

After making it mandatory for all school-age children to be vaccinated, California is now mulling plans to strip adults of their right to decide whether need vaccination or not. The California State Legislature recently heard SB792 that would make vaccination mandatory for adults with no... read more

Federal authorities try to seize $12.5M in California assets in corruption case

The U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) on Tuesday filed a forfeiture complaint in connection with federal authorities' attempt to seize $12.5 million in Southern California property & assets from a businesswoman who allegedly amassed a big fortune through corrupt practices.

The civil... read more

UC San Diego files lawsuit against USC, former employee

University of California San Diego (UC San Diego) has accused USC and a nationally recognized Alzheimer's disease researcher of illegally conspiring to take federal funding, data on the illness as well as employees from its study center.

In a lawsuit filed in San Diego County Superior... read more

German Company TUV Absolved of Liability in Breast Implant Scandal

Thursday’s decision by a French Appeals Court sure came as a breather for German safety standards body TUV, when the court absolved the latter of all liabilities pertaining to a faulty breast implant scandal.

This ruling by the court would require all women to pay back the damages that... read more

Apple faces another setback in ebooks price-fixing case

Apple’s appeal against a 2013 ruling the ebook price-fixing case has been rejected by federal appeals court. Apple’s appeal was turned down in 2-1 ruling from the Second US Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan.

Apple was found guilty of conspiring with top five publishers, Harper Collins... read more

Ray McDonald’s defamation suit against rape complainant dismissed

A defamation lawsuit that was filed by former San Francisco 49er Ray McDonald against a woman who accused him of rape has been dismissed by a California judge.

Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge William Elfving said in the ruling last week that McDonald didn't produce any acceptable... read more

Muslim woman beats Abercrombie & Fitch in legal battle over headscarf issue

The Supreme Court on Monday ruled in favor of a Muslim woman who approached the apex court claiming that she was denied a job at a clothing retailer because her headscarf was in conflict with the company's preppy dress code.

Reviving the lawsuit against Abercrombie & Fitch, the court... read more

California Puts Ban on Use of Microbeads

The California Assembly recently approved a bill to ban the use of microbeads. After passing of this bill California would be the first state to ban these tiny environment threats in cosmetic products.

There are higher possibilities that the bill will pass the State Senate as well,... read more

California Senate Passes SB 277, Throws in ‘Grandfather Clause’

The California Senate passed the controversial vaccine bill, dubbed Senate Bill 277, on Thursday, May 14, amid enough resentment from parents who took to the streets and rammed into committee hearings, to testify against the bill.

The SB277, introduced by Democratic Sen. Richard Pan, of... read more

Defective Mortgage Loans Cost Nomura and RBS US$806 million

As the US District Judge, Denise Cote pronounced, “The magnitude of falsity, conservatively measured, is enormous”, the Nomura Holdings Inc and Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc were ordered to jointly pay US$806m to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, for sale of defective residential mortgage-backed... read more

Apple agrees to settle Staff Poaching Case with A123

This February, a lawsuit was filed against technology major Apple in the Massachusetts federal court. It was claimed that Apple tried poaching staff from A123 in mid-2014 in order to expand its battery unit.

Apple refused to accept the claims when the lawsuit was filed, but now the... read more


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