Belgian court orders Facebook to stop tracking people who are not Facebook members

On Monday, an order by a Belgian court banned US-based social network Facebook from tracking Internet users who do not have Facebook accounts.

In its order, the court asked Facebook to stop -- within 48 hours -- the tracking of Internet users who are not signed on to the social networking... read more

California lawmakers approve right-to-die legislation

California lawmakers on Wednesday approved the highly controversial legislation that would allow terminally ill patients to legally put an end their lives.

After an emotional debate during which many lawmakers cited their religious faith in arguing for and against the measure, the... read more

Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis released from jail

Kentucky clerk Kim Davis, who refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses due to her religious beliefs against homosexuality, was released from jail on Tuesday.

A U. S. District judge issued orders for Davis' release from jail as well as for the lifting of her contempt order as long as... read more

Federal judge releases San Diego soccer players on several conditions

A federal judge on Wednesday issued orders for the release of six San Diego soccer team players who allegedly forced a Chicago-bound Southwest flight to land in Amarillo earlier this week, albeit on several conditions.

The six players, viz. 19-year-old Saiman Hermez, 19-year-old Khalid... read more

California bill targets personal conversation-recording smart TVs

A California lawmaker is pushing a new bill that would warn consumers that their smart TVs could record their household conversations and transit the information to a third party without their knowledge.

State Assemblyman Mike Gatto said he was very surprised to read in a Samsung smart TV... read more

California Gov. Brown allows parole for transgender inmate

A transgender inmate, who is attempting to force California to pay for sex reassignment surgery, will likely be released soon on parole as Gov. Jerry Brown took no action on the Board of Parole Hearings' recommendation.

On Friday, the governor's office announced that Mr. Brown took no... read more

Senate vote to block federal funding to Planned Parenthood fails

A procedural Senate vote on a bill designed to bar federal funds for Planned Parenthood failed on Monday as the measure could not receive the 60 votes required to bring the measure up for debate.

A total of 53 Senators voted in favor of the bill, while 46 opposed it. A minimum of 60 votes... read more

U.S. appeals court upholds California ban on shark fins

Giving a tough legal blow to Bay Area suppliers and sellers of shark fin soup, a U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Monday upheld a California law that prohibits possession or sale of shark fins.

Soup prepared from fins of shark is a traditional dish, particularly popular in the Chinese... read more

Nike and Apple Settle Class Action Lawsuit for FuelBand

Apple and Nike have reached a settlement in class action lawsuit filed against the companies for misleading advertising related to fitness tracker FuelBand. As a settlement, Nike will make a payment of $15 to each customer of FuelBand. Consumers can also opt for $25 gift credit from Nike.

read more
San Diego Comic-Con to take Salt Lake to court over trademark issue

San Diego Comic-Con continues to insist that use of Comic Con name by Salt Lake confuse people into thinking that the two pop events are related.

Bryan Brandenburg, co-founder of Salt Lake Comic Con, announced on Thursday that the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (PTO) granted their... read more

L.A. judge refuses to reduce Suge Knight’s bail from $10 million

Former rap music mogul Marion "Suge" Knight suffered a tough legal blow on Friday when a Los Angeles judge refused to reduce his bail from $10 million in a murder case.

Turning down his attorney's request for a decrease in bail amount, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Ronald Coen declared... read more

Protest against new ICE initiative leads to 3 arrests in Los Angeles

Los Angeles police arrested three people Wednesday evening during a demonstration that was staged to protest county jails' participation in a new Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) initiative that asks jail officials to notify the agency about undocumented immigrant inmates before he or... read more


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