E- Cigarettes: Entry Port for Young People

Electronic cigarettes have been the topic of much debate among experts in the medical profession. A lot of researches have shown that e-cigarettes do help in kicking off the bud but others believe that they are serving as a gateway to nicotine addiction by luring teen smokers.

E-... read more

Local beverage industry scores major victory over health advocates

California’s beverage industry scored a major victory over health advocates earlier this week when California lawmakers rejected a bill that would require producers of soda and sugary drinks to label their products with health warnings.

Lawmakers rejected the bill, which was authored by... read more

AARP ranks California among top 10 for long-term care

California ranks among the top 10 states in the U.S. in providing long-term support services and systems for older and disabled adults, according to a recently released AARP report.

The report says that more than four million Californians assist their aging parents, spouses or other... read more

Taxpayer funding for abortion services hiked by 40%

California's Medi-Cal department has decided to hike taxpayer funding for abortion services by 40 per cent. The decision surprised many Californians as this increase of 40 per cent contrasts with a 10 per cent cut for every other kind of service that the state's health program reimburses for.... read more

Anti-vaccine campaign being blamed for whooping cough epidemic

An anti-vaccine campaign has been blamed for the drastic increase in cases of pertussis, better known as whooping cough, in California.

Till June 10 this year, the California Department of Public Health recorded a total of 3,458 pertussis cases. Nearly 800 of those cases were reported in... read more

Lawmakers reject sugary drink warnings bill

California lawmakers on Tuesday rejected a bill that would have made it mandatory for beverage companies to label their sodas and other sugary drinks with health warnings.

Lawmakers rejected Sen. Bill Monning's SB1000 bill by 7-8 as they doubted a label would change consumer behavior.... read more

Whooping cough may be heading for another peak in California

California's public health officials have urged people, particularly pregnant women and infants, to get immediately vaccinated against the growing risk of whooping cough or pertussis, which is likely heading for another peak this year.

The California Department of Public Health warned... read more

Additional health provisions in California budget plan

California's budget plan for the fiscal 2014-15 includes a number of provisions that aims to boost health care services and strengthen public health in the state.

The $156.4-billion budget plan, which is nearly $1.2 billion more than the one proposed by Governor Jerry Brown, sets aside $... read more

ACA’s ‘disruptive innovation’ changed everything: says health secretary

The 'disruptive innovation' of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has changed everything and one cannot predict the result of the ongoing changes in the healthcare system, California Health Secretary Diana Dooley said.

Dooley, the head of California's Department of Health & Human Services... read more

More than 2,600 whooping cough cases reported during Jan-May period

Cases of persistent and sometimes deadly cough disease called pertussis (whopping cough) have increased to an alarming number in California, with more cases being reported in just first five months of this year than in the whole 2013.

The California Department of Public Health's latest... read more

Senate passes bill requiring warning labels for sugary drinks

Determined to persuade people to drink less soda, California lawmakers on Thursday passed a bill that would require sugary soft drinks to carry warnings about potential diseases that overconsumption of such drinks can create.

If successfully implemented, the measure would put California... read more

Bill requiring labeling on GMO foods rejected

California lawmakers have rejected the measure that would require companies to explicitly label their genetically-engineered foods.

Sponsored by Democratic Senator Noreen Evans, the bill would make it obligatory for all distributors who sell any eatable in the state to label all products... read more


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