New model: Flu season will likely peak in February in US and could be a mild one

As per a new model, aiming to predict the flu in the United States this winter, in February, this flu season will probably be at peak and may be a mild one.

The model has used data from previous flu seasons and also from a mathematical representation of how influenza spreads in a... read more

FDA overturns Ban on Blood Donations by Gay and Bisexual Men, Thanks to Research

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced earlier that gay and bi-sexual men, who were banned from donating blood since 1980s, will not be allowed to donate their blood like other people, thanks to a breakthrough in medical research.

The federal agency said HIV and some other... read more

Research Links Kangaroo Care with Reduction in Infant Mortality

Scientists through a newly conducted research suggested that the survival rate of newborn and underweight babies can be reduced if they are given ‘kangaroo care’. Babies given ‘kangaroo care’ are nestled directly against their mother’s breasts.

As per experts, this type of infant are... read more

Middle-aged women with gum disease have slightly higher risk of developing breast cancer than those without gum problems

A latest study has suggested that middle-aged women with gum disease have a little more chances of developing breast cancer in comparison to the ones without gum problems. Reuters wrote that women with gum disease, who smoked cigarettes or had quit the habit in the last 2 decades, were more... read more

Two Washington Hospitals Agree To Settle Allegations of Mischarges for Kyphoplasty Procedures

Two Washington hospitals announced that they are ready to make settlement for allegations that they submitted false claims to the federal Medicare program for a type of procedure, called Kyphoplasty Procedures.

As per the US Department of Justice, a group of 32 hospitals will pay a total... read more

NYC to distribute free portable kit with condoms, lubricant and a section for pills early next year

A 22-year-old black man, who has recently been diagnosed with HIV, went to a clinic at Mount Sinai Hospital in summer 2014, where a Demetre Daskalakis, an infectious disease specialist, attended him. The specialist would become the assistant commissioner of New York City’s HIV and AIDS... read more

NYC Cannot Force Preschoolers in City-Regulated Day-Care Facilities to Get Flu Shot

According to a recent ruling by a state judge, New York City cannot ask preschoolers to get a flu shot. With its recent decision, the judge has sided with a group of mothers who sued last month arguing that only the state Legislature has the authority to require certain immunizations.

... read more

Study links Smoking, Secondhand Smoke to Early Menopause, Increased risk of Infertility

Smoking is capable of causing more than lung damage. Active and passive smoking may raise risk of infertility and trigger early menopause in women, according to a new study.

Andrew Hyland, an author of the study and chair of health behavior at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, said... read more

Watching Horror Movies Is Linked With an Increase in Clotting Protein, Factor VIII

A newly conducted study has shown that watching g a horror movie is linked with an increase in a particular type of blood-clotting protein, called Factor VIII. The findings of the study were presented in The British Medical Journal Christmas issue.

Dr. Banne Nemeth and colleagues said the... read more

Study says Eating Bacon is better for Environment than Eating Lettuce

If you think your vegetarian healthy diet will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, then you are wrong. A new study suggested that going meat-free is more harmful for environment than eating meat.

The study by Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) researchers followed the supply chain from... read more

Cashier’s simple act of kindness leaves profound impact on Ohio family seeing tough time

A simple act of kindness by a cashier at a local store has left profound impact on an Ohio family going through a difficult time this holiday season. It happened when past weekend Kimberly Grandinette visited a Meijer store in Springfield, Ohio, along with her 3-year-old son, Paul, for picking... read more

FDA lifts clinical hold on three of Advaxis Inc’s experimental cancer therapies

The US Food and Drug Administration had lifted a clinical hold on Advaxis Inc’s 3 experimental cancer therapies, as per an announcement made by the drug developer on Wednesday. This has boosted the shares of the company by nearly 38%.

In October, the US health regulator had put the mid-... read more


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