Governor signs conservation bill that prohibits sales of Elephant ivory in California

Jerry Brown, Governor of California, has recently signed conservation bill that prohibits nearly all the sales of elephant ivory. Wildlife and conservation groups are happy about the decision, while Chinatown shopkeepers in San Francisco and Los Angeles are unhappy about it, as it will lead to... read more

DNR wants Minnesota Duck Hunters to Help Tracking Avian Flu

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR), amid concerns over the coming waterfowl hunting season, has asked duck hunters in Minnesota to help in tracking the avian flu by getting their birds tested.

Since March, when the flu first broke out this year, there have been cases of infection... read more

Aftershocks following 8.3-magnitude quake kill 11 people in Chile

Powerful aftershocks rippled through Chile following the recent 8.3-magnitude earthquake killed nearly a dozen people and caused strong waves into coastal towns, Interior Minister Jorge Burgos confirmed in a newly released statement.

The strong waves in coast towns of the country... read more

California’s Valley fire destroys up to 1,000 homes & commercial structures

The so-called Valley fire in California burnt up to 1,000 homes and commercial structures as of Sunday afternoon, forcing thousands of people to evacuate homes and move to safer places.

Ripping down a hill toward Middletown, just two hours north of the city of San Francisco, the wildfire... read more

Watch condor babies grow up via new cave live stream

It is difficult to see the California condor in its natural environments. Now, one can observe condor chicks growing up via new cave live streaming. The California condor is a rare breed. It is the largest bird in North America and its wingspan is nine-and-a-half feet.

As per reports, a... read more

Federal officials warn People Not to Go near Walruses in Point Lay

Thousands of walruses have been charging Alaska’s northwest coastline in Point Lay. For some people, it could be an exciting opportunity to see the animal is huge numbers, but federal officials do not find it exciting and legal. According to the officials, excited people who are planning to... read more

California to Turn Into Semi-Drought State in 50 Years: Study

A new study has found that weather changes are going to turn California in a semi-permanent state of drought in next 50 years.

The researchers found that the July this year was the warmest seen in since January 1880. The situation was different in California then when Rutherford B. Hayes... read more

NOAA to launch vigorous investigation into deaths of 30 large whales

Authorities concerned have raised concerns over the deaths of 30 whales from three different species since May near or on the beaches of Alaska. The National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has decided to carry out a vigorous investigation into the matter to know the reason... read more

California officials announce beach closure after oil washes ashore

Santa Barbara, California health officials have ordered closure of a local beach after oil and tar balls were noticed on the beach. The health officials also noticed strong petroleum odors in the region. County health officials said that Summerland Beach will remain closed to the public till the... read more

California sinking faster than previously thought: researchers warn

Some areas of California are sinking at an unprecedentedly faster rate and aquifers could permanently shrink earlier than previously thought, researchers warned after analyzing a new NASA satellite imagery.

A deep analysis of the new data collected by NASA satellites revealed that some... read more

Western wildfires cause evacuations, power outages and heavy smoke

Several wildfires continued to burn in the West as of Sunday, prompting forced evacuation orders for hundreds of people in Oregon and California, and leaving thousands of people without power in Washington.

Oregon Fire officials temporarily closed the main highway between Mount Hood and... read more

UC San Diego ranked 17th on ‘green’ schools list

University of California San Diego (UCSD) has been lauded by the Sierra Club's magazine for its efforts to conserve water during the state's unrelenting drought.

According to the Sierra Club's magazine released on Tuesday, UCSD grabbed the seventh rank in the sustainability efforts of... read more


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