Firefighters contain Shirley wildfire, evacuation orders lifted

Evacuation ordered issued in wake of a smoky mountain wildfire west of a lake near Bakersfield in California were lifted on Monday as firefighters after firefighters made an important progress in containing the blaze.

The Shirley fire was first spotted on Friday last week. By Saturday... read more

Wildfire in Wofford Heights triggers evacuation order

Residents of the Wofford Heights area, around thirty miles northeast of Bakersfield, were forced to evacuate their houses and move to a safer area as firefighters could not extinguish a nearby wildfire.

The Kern County Sheriff's office confirmed late Saturday that the smoky wildfire... read more

A quick look at California’s wildfires

Wildfire is a common phenomenon, particularly in dry years, in California. Whether a person lives in Alhambra foothills near Los Angeles or Zinfandel wine countryside close to Napa Valley, he/she must be aware of the reality of wildfires in the state.

A wildfire is usually triggered by a... read more

Japanese Eel Classified as Endangered

Lately, the International Union for Conservation (IUCN) announced of including the Japanese eel into the red list of endangered species.

As per the IUCN, loss of habitat, overfishing, pollution, change in oceanic currents and barriers to migrations are major reasons for putting the... read more

Bald eagles making comeback to Orange County

The comeback of bald eagles, a species of eagles that had once reached on the verge of extinction, has broadened in California as a pair of the bird has been spotted at the Irvine Lake in Orange County.

Biologists are excited to spot a pair of bald eagles off the 241 toll road in Orange... read more

Salmon to be migrated to Pacific Ocean by trucks

The annual migration of millions of California's hatchery-raised six-month-old salmon to the Pacific Ocean has been planned through trucks as it will be too risky for small fish to migrate on its own. Each spring, the state's hatcheries release millions of smolts into rivers and streams to allow... read more

California leads U.S. in cutting carbon pollution

California leads other state of the U. S. in many fields, and one of them is surely reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Many research projects have indicated that the greenhouse gases are the biggest cause of unrelenting global warming.

The Golden State quickly hailed the U. S.... read more

Several hundred sick sea lions wash ashore California

A record number of sick sea lions washed ashore in California for a second year in a row, dropping a strong hint that the marine mammal is facing severe problems in the ocean.

In the five months through May 31 this year, a total of 367 sea lions washed ashore north of San Francisco and... read more

Mushroom hunters raiding fire-ravaged Stanislaus National Forest

The fire-devastated Stanislaus National Forest of California is now being raided by smugglers for a pricey contraband - the succulent morel mushroom.

Officials have banned mushroom hunters from entering the forest because they believe that parched, unstable tree trunks and logging... read more

California grants endangered species protection to gray wolves

The California Fish & Game Commission recently voted to extend endangered species protection to gray wolves in the state, a move that disappointed many in the agriculture industry.

No wolves are known to exist in California, but their return is quite possible as their population has... read more

El Nińo chances increase to 82%

The chances of El Ni? o conditions developing by this fall have increased but it will likely be a moderate rather than a strong El Ni? o, the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has said.

According to NOAA scientists, who are closely tracking the Pacific Ocean for El... read more

Brown pelicans’ breeding population plunges

A fresh survey has revealed that the population of brown pelicans, which were brought back from the brink of extinction last century, is shrinking again.

The University of California, Davis, recently published an annual survey that showed a steep plunge in the population of breeding pairs... read more


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