North Stradbroke Island’s beach section collapse believed to have been caused by slide triggered by erosion

A region of a football-field-sized beach has suddenly broken off because of a ‘flow slide’ at a famous tourist island in Australia. As a result, warnings have been given to avoid the area.

The beach section’s collapse on North Stradbroke Island in the state of Queensland is likely the... read more

EPA Develops New Guidelines to Protect Swimmers from Toxic Algae

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has laid down new guidelines to protect swimmers and kayakers from the toxic algae that are growing in lakes and rivers.

Agency officials said they are majorly focusing on people who tend to swallow water while their recreational activities.... read more

China’s Carbon Dioxide Emissions may stall in 2015

Carbon dioxide emissions of China could stall this year as the East Asian country has installedmore clean energy capacity to deal with climate change. New estimate by Bloomberg New Energy Finance predicted that CO2 emissions in China may rise just 0.24% this year from last year. This will be... read more

Textbooks in California Portray Science behind Climate Change Wrongly

Researchers at the Stanford University through a recently conducted study have found that some textbooks in California misrepresent the actual science behind climate change.

According to the paper published in the Environmental Education Research Journal, the textbooks analyzed during the... read more

Climate Change Depicted As Debate in Some California Science Textbooks: Study

According to a Stanford University study, textbooks in California public schools are misleading students about climate change. These textbooks portrayed climate changes as a point of debate rather than scientific fact.

The study researchers, during their analysis, found that this... read more

Only Three Northern White Rhinos Left Alive On Earth

Now only three northern white rhinos are left alive on earth after the death of a 41-year-old female northern white rhino named Nola. Nola died at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park in California.

The conservationists and experts took the decision to euthanize Nola after seeing her... read more

Haunting photographs of Sir Ernest Shackleton and crew's struggle to survive in big freeze of Antarctic ready to go on display

Stunning images of Sir Ernest Shackleton and his crew's survival struggle against the odds in the Antarctic are ready to go on display. The haunting photographs are going to be a part of an exhibition at London's Royal Geographical Society to open on Sunday.

Sunday will mark 100 years to... read more

Neonicotinoid Pesticides exposure in Bumblebees May Lead to Poor Pollination

A team of researchers, through a recently conducted study, found that bumblebees exposed to a common type of neonicotinoid pesticides perform their pollination job poorly.

Study researchers said they found that when apple trees were pollinated by bees exposed to those pesticides, the... read more

Crab Pots lying Empty on Docks as California Delays its Commercial Crab Season

Usually at this point of the year, fishermen and boats are seen filled with crabs. This is a time when workers prepare to haul millions of pounds of Dungeness crabs that is a tradition at Thanksgiving and other holiday meals. But this year, fishermen are sitting idle and waiting for the... read more

Monarch butterfly population is rebounding

There is great news that monarch butterfly population is improving. It is expected that the number of monarchs that will reach their winter grounds in central Mexico this year will be three to four times more than last year.

Mexican Environment Secretary Rafael Pacchiano was of the view... read more

Fortingall Yew Tree changing Sex after Thousands of Years

In a shocking turn of events, a British tree has been found changing its sex. The tree, Fortingall Yew, has been undergoing sex change after thousands of years, according to reports. Most parts of the tree are still male, but its branches have started exhibiting characteristics of female... read more

Minors want to have say in planet’s future

A number of youngsters want that their opinion should be included in the planet’s future. Therefore, minors across the nation have been filing cases against states and the federal government asking them to take action to curb climate change.

According to minors, they will be at the... read more


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