50-Foot-Long Humpback Whale Spotted Inside Narragansett Bay

Monday morning at Rhode Island came along with something really unusual. A North Kingstown Harbormaster Ed Hughes said he was making the rounds at a marina at Allen Harbor north of Quonset Point on Monday morning when he suddenly spotted a giant humpback whale.

Ed Hughes said he has even... read more

State Considers Stricter Rules over Reptile Ownership

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is planning to roll out stricter rules over the ownership of venomous reptiles. The agency might also consider imposing a complete ban over their ownership. People are given permits to own both ‘conditional reptiles’ and ‘venomous reptiles.’... read more

Chinese Employees Need Better Air Quality in Their Work Area

Several companies in China have now found that it is very necessary to spend more money to provide better quality air to its staff within their offices if they want to retain their workforce.

It has been known that air quality in China has worsen in past few year, and the most affected... read more

Toxic Algae Outbreak Might Worsen Due To Warming Of Lakes

Researchers through a recently conducted study have found that rise in temperature of lakes all of the world will trigger toxic algae outbreak which will be very harmful for marine ecosystem.

The study co-funded by NASA and the National Science Foundation suggested that increase in lake... read more

Rise in lake temperature can lead to harmful algae blooms: Report

Researchers through a newly conducted study have warned that rise in temperature in lakes will give rise to harmful algae blooms and the conditions will worsen with time. It will also lead to low-oxygen zones that will be hazardous to fish.

The researchers, after analyzing 235 lakes that... read more

There is no locally caught crab on the menu in California

In California, you won’t see any locally caught crab on the menu as it warned earlier this year that these crustaceans must not be consumed. This is because they could contain high levels of a strong chemical that fills the nervous system with poison.

The chemical could result into death... read more

Researchers find New Whale Species buried in Smithsonian

A newly identified species of whale has been named after Herman Melville's Moby-Dick. The sperm whale got a revision, but its discovery is about 90-year-old old. Researchers speculate that the whale was actually a beast. They were big, but there family tree was small as only three living species... read more

Veterinarians euthanize stranded dolphin calf found in Elkhorn Slough

A dolphin calf that was saved after being stranded in upper Elkhorn Slough has been euthanized by veterinarians. The Sausalito-based Marine Mammal Center spokeswoman said that on Saturday, the health of the pre-weaned dolphin was getting deteriorated after being taken away from its mother.

read more
Climate Change Protests worldwide call for Bold Agreement at Paris summit

Leaders from around the world have arrived in Paris for historic United Nations climate talks. People worldwide want world leaders to take bold decisions to tackle climate change. From Melbourne to Mexico City, thousands of people joined the global climate march this weekend to press... read more

Gigantic Spider Web Stuns Residents of North Memphis

Residents of north Memphis were shocked after seeing about half a mile long spider web that covered the grass. The site appeared to be nothing less than a scene from a horror, said people who were present at the site.

Feared residents said the creatures are crawling all over their windows... read more

Bill Gates to Launch Multibillion-Dollar Clean Energy Initiative

The famous American business magnate and co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, is expected to announce a multibillion-dollar clean energy fund. The announcement could be on Monday during the opening of the Paris climate summit.

It was told that the fund will be so far the largest such... read more

Increased carbon dioxide level in ocean causes rapid growth of coccolithophores: Study

According to a new study, environmental changes like the riseof carbon dioxide levels in water have resulted into the rapid growth of a microscopic marine alga in North Atlantic. John Hopkins University researchers have discovered that there is a 10 times rise in the number of coccolithophores,... read more


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